How to Reset Your iPhone Passcode iPhone in recovery mode? Don't 1 day ago   03:27

David A. Cox
Forgot the Passcode to Your iPhone? Here's how to fix it! Today, David will show you how to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode so that you can reset your iPhone passcode. In the process, we'll restore your data via your iCloud backup.


What you will need:

Your Apple ID Username/Password
Your iCloud Username/Password (if different)
A Computer (doesn't have to be yours)
A cable to connect your iPhone to that computer.

Own A New Macbook or Macbook Pro with USB-C ports?
You'll need a dongle/adapter to connect your iPhone!

Here's the two that I own (and recommend):

HooToo UBC-C Adapter (used in video)

QacQoc for 13 or 15" Macbook Pro (personally, I like this one better, but I couldn't find it in time for recording this video)

To put your iPhone into Recovery mode, connect your iPhone to a computer and press the following combination of buttons:

Volume + (press and release quickly)
Volume - (press and release quickly)
Side Button (hold for 25-28 seconds)

At this point, you will have to download a new copy of the iOS operating system (which may take some time). Follow the prompts, enter your Apple ID, and you should be in business!

Thanks for watching. Leave us a comment below~!

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Comments 156 Comments

Ur Nuke
Thanks dude, I'm currently restoring my data right now!
Rose Vang
If your restoring, will it still save everything u have on ur iPhone before u got locked out ?
I recently found my old iPhone 5s. It is running on a old version of iOS. I forgot the passcode to it. In a way it’s frozen in time and I don’t want to update it to a new iCloud backup and lose everything from back then. Can anyone help me?
Ben Beach
What if you have an iPhone xr
thank you! like for real!
king Antonio
i have to unlock my iphone for me to be able to use the usb cord, but i cant because i forgot my passcode
since this is my old phone and a have a more updated phone now, will me restoring the phone/updating it affect the things on my other phone, such as apps and pictures. *PLEASE ANSWER* 😭
Why does apple do this?!
Avakin_ Army
dont have a computer thx :)
Samuel Donnelly
Do I need an apple computer for this?
Melissa Penrod
What do you do if you've lost your password to iTunes as well? 🤦🏼‍♀️
Chander K
How restart without computer
Bong Blunts
Will you be able to recover any data on the phone like: (Messages, Pictures, etc..)?? I have a back up from months back but don’t want to lose anything new that I have on my phone today.. I couldn’t back anything up due to iCloud storage issues...
Bong Blunts
Will you be able to recover any data on the phone like: (Messages, Pictures, etc..)?? I have a back up from months back but don’t want to lose anything new that I have on my phone today.. I couldn’t back anything up do to iCloud storage issues...
David A. Cox... more like suck my toes! Hahahahahaha got you David LOL!
LOL! Penis! Hahahaha
Thank you David, very cool!
If your phone is disabled does this still work? Someone please help
I tried this so many times, and it won’t show me the iTunes logo
I do everything correctly, I let the update file download, but the phone just reboots itself and I'm back to the passcode screen. It doesn't restore the phone at all and nothing happens after the update file is downloaded. What is happening... :(
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iPhone in recovery mode? Don't How to Reset Your iPhone Passcode 1 day ago   04:39

Have an iOS device in recovery mode? Have data on it that isn't backed up (i.e. photos, videos, contacts, etc)? Do NOT restore it in iTunes without trying not to get it out of recovery mode by other means first! You will LOSE all un-synced data if you recover it with iTunes.

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