How I am out $1 Million dollars The Most Beautiful Car In The World - $800,000 1 day ago   12:21

Time to try and collect! Full disclosure to not try and sound like a badass it's my company that I am one of 3 owners of that won the judgement, I am not the sole owner, but many hundreds of thousands of this money if it gets collected would come back to me.

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Use the UCC and become a preferred creditor. Then, you can just take it from his account.
I feel like every video I watch of this channel is Rob getting fucked over 😹give the guy a break.
One day we are going to find out Rob is a Master marketer, this entire channel is to DISCOURAGE anyone from starting a exotic car renting company. NICE work Rob way to eliminate competition
Charles Lee Ray
I see your Ferrari is parked in a disability spot. The penalty for that is to say, "Why am I, Mr. Pink?"
Cnc N More
I feel like trump🤣🤣🤣🤣
The real mistake here was continuing to give them business while they weren't paying you. How did you end up racking up 650k in overdue income??
Larry Lamb
Sounds to me like you don't really own any business it sounds like you're in a chess game.
Ricky Bobby
Sorry to hear you got screwed over by the same business that you helped drive revenue to. It’s a sick world.
Chris El
Rob - I was a contractor in college and I had a client bamboozle me out of payment by cleverly running out the clock on my window of opportunity to sue him. Then he closed his company and started a new one without even changing the address.

My dad gave me the best advice on how to collect, and it only took about 12 hours and cost less than $25. I bought a sheet of plywood and stencils and spray painted "Client's Name owes me $12,000 and refuses to pay. He shut down his company named this and opened a new company named that so I can't sue him. I'm 21 years old and I need that money to pay my tuition."

I parked in front of his house with that sign. He called the cops, they laughed, he had several public freak-outs, threatened to sue me, then threatened to beat me up, and then by 8pm he threw an envelope with a cheque for the full amount at me and said if he ever saw me again he would kill me. 10/10 would recommend.
Hal Johnson
Explains why he can’t afford new jeans
Chris P. Lewis
Had a similar thing happen when a customer that I got a judgement against for $946,000 declared bankruptcy..
Mark Hazelgrove
Re: Your lawsuit You should read the last chapter of a piece titled The Hatchet Man's Playbook.
Craig Tucker
Anyone else thinks he just had someone call him at the end of the video to be able to make that little skit?
Matthias Oldenburg
Are you going to send one of the Gambino guys down to collect? They have a good reputation in debt recovery.
DJ Scott
Just in speeding tickets.
Brian UtleyUtley
How do u make money if u loose so much on stuff like this?
Corny Dyck
You should work with DDE
Ornelas Jorge
We still wanna know how the house is going? 😉
My question is where is jimbo lol
gas Mnky
Rob: for anyone that was wondering that was an Audi r8

Me:(stoned) how did he know?😬😧
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The Most Beautiful Car In The World - $800,000 How I am out $1 Million dollars 1 day ago   17:14

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