How I am out $1 Million dollars This is How I Should Display My Car Collection! 2 days ago   12:21

Time to try and collect! Full disclosure to not try and sound like a badass it's my company that I am one of 3 owners of that won the judgement, I am not the sole owner, but many hundreds of thousands of this money if it gets collected would come back to me.

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Hemi power
HUH ? ? ?
Retired at 49
Damn,you have an uncanny ability to get yourself in these weird predicaments!! Sorry I do feel bad for ya!
Oljunka Puvelkrag
Rob, if you say you feel like Trump, you will be demonetized. You need to be careful with YouTube.
You guys should get together with DDE
C. Rothschild
I have no clue what that video was about.
The Dwight Mamba
I love when bad things happen to this guy.
Mike Ferryall
Long story short, the lawyers won.
Dragon Slayer Ornstein
I still don't get it, if you had a profitable business why would you give it to someone else and take 20%... why not just employ people to run the business for you and take 100% and pay them a wage.
Business buyouts and issues= business mediation and arbitration are always next after someone buys a great company. However, the original spark and business acumen (the founders) are no longer there with the same passion and expertise. That is why they should have kept the same management team for 2 years after the buyout.
Waiting for ES6
How long did you let them not pay you to accumulate $650k in broker fees? That's the big screw up.
Ryan Thomas
Who knew spaghetti could be so expensive?
Lee Douglas
Wow............what a drag that you have to go to these lengths............sorry to hear Rob.
Shawn Kloter
Anyone know how Rob got started in this business?
Joe Mama
stay on it and get your $$, kick ass seabass!
Rob, what you need is a spy to infiltrate and learn personal bank account numbers, or a few trash can raids. You have a judgement, and they have money, you just have to find it and file a collection order.
Ryan M
Most people can't lose a million dollars and still function. I would be negative like $900,000. LOL
Eddie M
What’s Noah up to now?
Good luck Rob.
axman08 dude
This channel has become boring. All about his car rental company. What ever happened to the builds and races. Wack
sayd wolfe
Invest in an Amazon Basics Tripod lol
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This is How I Should Display My Car Collection! How I am out $1 Million dollars 2 days ago   24:41

The first visit of my USA tour is to check out this fantastic car collection and stunning setup at TopGear Imports NJ! Joining Sean, the owner of the private collection, let's go and take in the amazing way the cars are presented inside the Supercar Event Centre and some of the uniquely painted hypercars on show.

Highlighted by two very bright Weissach Package Porsche 918 Spyders, we'll also see three Carrera GTs, 2 959s one of which is Gulf livery painted, plus a new McLaren Senna, Bugatti Veyron, super-rare Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet Exclusive Series and much more. However, it's not only the cars that are impressive but the nature of the space and how the are presented on top of pedestals with space around to give a real 'wow' effect and create an area for events to be held surrounding the fabulous machines.

A huge thanks goes to Sean who you can follow at to see more of the cars, his activities and charitable events as well.

If you're interested in the socks, check out:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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