Ferrari Dealership asked me to bring NISSAN DEALERSHIP CRASHED MY GTR... 2 days ago   12:43

Tj Hunt
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

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Put a variable resistor on the harness then tune it.
Maximum Gaming
Sad to see you didn’t do any video about Antonys death... unsub
What a DIK
Chris Calvert
Slow down your speech. And you are allowed to place some pauses in your speech to sound more natural. At the moment it is 12:42 minutes of continuous words and nobody talks like that. Actually probably your speech is okay but you have edited out every single pause.
William Sadler
Where did u get your Ferrari? And how much was it?? Did u buy it wrecked?
Arthur Sperotto
Service manual is ~$200 man, just buy that shit and fix everything yourself. Fuck those service costs. Service manuals cover EVERYTHING.
Randy Williams
Can you get codes out of the obd2 port to troubleshoot the air bag system ?
Is it sad that all 4 cars I have owned had air bag failures as well
C. Rincon
You need to breathe..... You make me feel like I'm on speed !!!
"Not covered IF what you did caused the problem." That's pretty amazing considering most cars if you touched it warranty void.
The Cables themselfes have a specific resistance by length/diameter of the coper wire itself, so if you cut away or added some wire, you will indeed change the resistance of the cable from one end to the other :/ You should know that, if you did not allready ^^ Greetings from Germany :D
Brandon Torres
Save the money from your airbags and put a cage in it 🙏🏽 unless it voids warranty.. irk why it would though
Jesus Christ all the cuts have me a seizure
Me Yes
How much is that windshield to replace? Pricey im sure.
Glad i stopped watching
ian phung
Toyota supra update please?
john peck
Spend the 15g and have pros do the work
get off my lawn
The biggest lesson learned: Never crash your Ferrari!
Dystar 924
"Perchè il 128 sport era meglio del 127? Chissene..." 🗨😏🥫
mike parry
Enjoy having your ass handed to you by c8 owners
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NISSAN DEALERSHIP CRASHED MY GTR... Ferrari Dealership asked me to bring 2 days ago   04:50

So team its not a huge deal but i got the news that a Nissan Rep crashed my NISSAN GTR shortly after i dropped it off for an oil change. I will keep you all up to date with the what happens!


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