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In this episode, I go around to subscriber's houses, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change.

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I remember going to eat at a restaurant with some friends in high school and we somehow forgot about the tip and didn't have enough after paying for the food to leave a proper sized tip but we put down the rest of the money we had. I never forget tip so I felt pretty bad about it but even worse when the waitress actually came to us and delivered a comment about how people won't want to serve us if we don't tip properly. After she walked away, one of my friends (I suppose he was a bit irritated) told us to empty our pockets. He wrote a note about how "this is all us poor kids have" and took our small pile of thread, pennies, paper clips, pocket lint etc., left it on the table with the note, and had himself a good laugh once we got outside.
I didn't go back to that restaurant for years just because I was so embarrassed.
Elektr0 Gaming
4:42 dude why is Colombia not green, we have a great universal healthcare system in there.
Dominique 9325
Actually, i heard that in japan tipping is considered impolite, because "the staff should always do their best no matter what" and "you're spoiling them by giving them extra money". So most restaurant staff in japan actually outright refuse tips, i heard.
Ever make a waitress laugh and wonder to yourself, "Where's my tip?" That wasn't for free..
Donald Drumpf
I just returned from a year living in China. People do not tip there either. I visited Taiwan and Hong Kong, they do not tip there as well.

Only the United States and Canada shames customers into paying an employee’s wages.
Marquis Loflin
A cook cooks for 4 people, messes up the order, burns himself a few times, cuts himself, sends the food out, makes $1 off that 1 table. The server brings the food to the table and makes $20.
If you don't want to tip go to Japan. Tipping is a big no no
Thabo Ndhlovu
"Africa if they had extra money" sir, you're getting personal now😂😂😂😂
Gaia L
when you tip 0% youre screwing over the individual server, not the restaurant or the system. your "bravery" is only proving to those servers that you are a huge jerk
Dukerbud 88
So, if I go to the local burger bar and grill the server (who does the EXACT same job) gets less of a tip because the prices in a fine dining restaurant are higher. And I???....I'm expected to subsidize these folks' wages just because their manager/owner will not pay them appproriately??
Sorry, doesn't work that way and no i am not cheap. Cheap would mean that I wouldn't want to go out at all or I would be over analyzing the menu looking for the cheapest item.
Tipping NEEDS to be abolished and the only way that will happen is if people like myself just stop the practice.
The sad part is everyone in Canada and the US are programmed to think this is mandatory when it's not at all.
Dean Slegos
Obligatory dollar
Good service 2 bucks
Grey hair and good service 3 bucks
Rilo Robinson
Africa, If they had extra money....
David Scott
Am I weird for always tipping at least 30%?
In Mexico the standard tip is between 10% to 20%
I found for college you can just buy books and teach yourself.
Just exclusively eat Fast Food.

Just Somebody
0:27 I heard somewhere that tipping in Japan is considered rude so they don't do it.
D Cal
Maybe the Canadians compensate waiters when they don't get tipped, but in the US that doesn't happen. People who want tipping to be like Europe, etc, are basically just advocating socialism. Our tipping system in the US works incredibly well. The consumer is going to pay the same amount regardless, whether it's a tip directly to the staff, or in the form of higher prices for the business to cover the higher wage. But in the US system it incentivizes the staff to give good service, and allows the business to reduce overhead and hopefully put that extra savings into their product. Additionally, it's good for the staff because they save money in taxes because they can claim less income on all their cash tips. Yes, it's a bit dishonest but it helps. Overall, if you've never been a server in the US, you probably don't appreciate how hard they work. And if you don't tip, you're essentially just an A hole who probably has some lame excuse about why you don't tip that's really just a coverup for the fact that you either don't have money, or you're a GIANT A hole who does have money.
hey wait a second that taxi is a singaporean taxi
Sean Brogan
I really enjoy tips but the system is fucked
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Memes and meme culture the two most requested ever so I had to give it a go. Felt uncomfortable even making the thumbnail.
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