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In this episode, I go around to subscriber's housesm, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change.

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Dehydrated_Slime Shuvro
Japan dsnt accpt it. It is disrespecting to theem.
Yeah America is such a shit show, weird how people keep migrating here
The tip is suppose to be a gift. The fact that government got involved in tipping by making a tip assumption that people will get enough of these little gifts to make up for the less than minimum wage means that it's no longer a gift but the part of the wage and therefore should go under the tax laws of the state. Expecting it to come but not taxing it means that some people are getting tax free dollars, waiters at high end places that cater to super rich get that money and businesses get away with paying less than minimum wage but in reality their customers pick up the wage bill for them.
I know most bars and restaurants waiters won't make a fortune and in fact will struggle as soon as the economy is tight so they really need the protection of minimum wage but at the excuse of them some businesses are making huge tax free money, and it's money that should be taxed because if you're selling 10k worth bottles of vine or champagne or whatever and then your guests tip according to the percentage of the bill you can afford to pay minimum wages and the state should tax that over the top tip too. Yes there are places that sell that, in Vegas there is a hotel with a restaurant where some bottles of vine or Champagne or whatever cost around million dollars. It's for super rich to flash their wealth but the fact is such places do exist, money is thrown around and the tax is avoided.
Thanks for the tip.
*gasp* You sneaky bastard!
tha Proforce
Dude in all western european countries people tip restaurants, food delivery
Dylan Jones
Actually in Mexico we tip USA style... it sucks
0:27 I don't think tipping is a thing in Japan. The Japanese are culturally expected to work their ass off just because. That's why dying from overworking is such a problem there.
Edward Sarrain
I like the fact you highlighted the horrible restaurant wage situation in the US. I know people working for 2 dollars an hour!!
Laura Crystal
It baffles me y’all still aren’t tipping in 2019 lmao. People who work off tips, especially in the restaurant industry usually have to tip out the bar and or support staff. Last night my coworker served a party of 15 for two hours well into closing time so he had to tip out on his 1000 plus sales before he cashed them out. Once he did he got a whopping 6 dollars from them total. Not sure what their sales were but the shit adds up. He probably lost about 25-30 bucks. The fact that it’s based on sales is just an indication of the appropriate amount but you still put 0 because it’s always based on their service right lol. If you think you’re...powerful? For sticking it to the man and not tipping because you think businesses should pay their employees above minimum wage then by all means, do something to change it! But 1. I’m sure that even after the fact, you still wouldn’t tip anyone based on good service and 2. I’m making too much money from my 20-50% tips to be worried about the few broke assholes that stiff me so actually never mind do not change a thing, we’re doing just fine 💃🏾
if a waiter/waitress fucks up your night you still tip just not a lot
16 12
wtf is an 'american sandwich'
panggop jio
social hours for very little money.
In finland we dont tip
Bryce Johansen
I like to apply the rule of universality, why should one group of workers get tipped while the other doesn't? You wouldn't pay a tip for all those different workers that don't deal directly with customer sales so why treat them any different?
Steven Smith
I tip if I get free stuff..
You make me want to kms with the piece of hair missing in you character
uhh Australians dont tip, ever. We have people that earn a fair wage here.
12 34
Cool merch
Traz 316
Tips stands for .... To Insure Proper Service. Learned that in business. Sorry but bad research here :(
gavin denihan
Ireland isn’t part of the uk mate
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