NAS 101: What is Network Attached NAS vs The Cloud – Which one is better? Cheaper? 2 days ago   18:14

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This video is a simple overview of network attached storage devices like the WD My Cloud, Seagate Personal Cloud, and Synology Disk Stations. It's geared towards those unfamiliar with network attached storage but considering purchasing a device for their home or office.


00:36 - Comparison to USB storage
02:10 - Description of Network Attached Storage (NAS)
03:35 - Recommendation of a dual 2 drive NAS vs. single drive NAS
05:13 - Why a 4 TB dual drive NAS is actually 2 TB or half storage
05:39 - Setting up user accounts
06:07 - File shares and permissions
06:43 - Public folders
07:32 - On site / home network functions and features DLNA , apps
09:31 - iTunes server doesn't work with Apple TV / iPad / iPhone
10:10 - Time Machine and backup
10:49 - Offsite / Internet access to the NAS and differences to onsite
12:28 - Backing up the NAS to external hard drives and cloud
15:04 - Recommendations and final thoughts

I talk about what Network Attached Storage is, what it isn't, and whether or not a NAS drive is a better choice over a standard external USB hard drive.

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Dede's Youtube Channel
I have a single drive My Cloud. My phone is backing up to a folder on the Public drive. I tried to move the folder from Public to a private folder on the device using my Windows 10 PC. But it requires a username and pw to do this. I tried my (My Cloud) Admin login/password but it didn’t work. Do you know which username it’s asking for? I have two other users set up but I only use my Admin login. Any advice would be appreciated!
damn this guy is good at explaining complicated IT stuff first video i look into NAS and this guy nailed!! subscribed and like!!
James Umpherson
You have a smooth, clear, and simple approach to teaching tech! Great job.
Philip D'Souza
Nice tutorial. Well explained . Is there a way to have dual users for a WD MY Cloud drive ?
Ian Smith
Can these NAS items work with adobe bridge. I have a mass of photographs on an external drive & would like integrate NAS with bridge. Would bridge be loaded onto the raid and be driven from the Mac.??? Thanks Ian Smith
Dāvis Bērziņš
Hi. I would like to know if WD NAS can be setup using only WIFI? Because at the moment I have router without LAN port.
KuaRan's Vlog
can i use single drive nas storage then use online cloud storage as a backup..
work as dual drive.. instead of using dual drive nas ??
yankee b
when there is a break in, a thief takes your nas and put it under his arm and leave , you lose all your data including backup stored in that nas. if the same thief walk in the house a take the hdd enclosure but doesn't come across your backup enclosure as this was safely kept at another location, you only lose the data in the enclosure taken away but you still have a backup. personally i prefer external enclosures with a backup stored at separate location than the idea of owning a nas.
walaa hamed
Hi Lon, Great Work , Really with very helpful experiences definitely, can i ask you something needy please, is it possible to connect 4 or 5 NAS Storage Devices to see each other , and share data between them as well over the Cloud ???
jon silveira
Ben Weasel circa Bark Like a Dog era
Herbert He
With the WD, if you attach one or two more hard drives to the USB, do you have remote access to those additional hard drives? Say, if I have a 2TB My Cloud drive, with a 6TB My Book hard drive plugged into the USB, will I be able to access the content on the 6TB drive remotely from anywhere with an internet connection? Thanks.
you are awesome
Shawn Thorpe
Thank you for the video, really useful. I'm currently using Synology and I'm quite happy with that. Sorry if I change the topic but I wanted your feedback about this. I'm about to back this Cubbit project on Kickstarter. They are basically building a network of NAS communicating to each other through encrypted connections and each device stores parts of file and not the whole, for security reasons... They claim it should be more than a NAS and better than a Cloud. Do you know it? What do you think about it? @t
Gee Mack
great vid....
Sooo helpful! Thank you very much😀😀😀
Stanley Chen
.... Honestly the content is not enough for the tech savvy user
lambert lim
Don't buy WD, I bought WD my cloud after watching your videos, WD my cloud is a piece of junk, nothing work, and WD tech support suck.
D Luster
This guy is OFF THE CHAIN!! Perfect explanation!!
I enjoyed your video. Can you help me with these two questions please?
the voice quality is really good, do you edit it with Audacity or such a software?
what is the mic you use in this video?

It's been over a year I am trying to get direct and informative answer and I hope you can help

thank you
Cullam Allen
What is the difference between stripped and attached storage
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NAS vs The Cloud – Which one is better? Cheaper? NAS 101: What is Network Attached 2 days ago   18:27

Should you invest in a Private NAS or Stick with the Cloud?

Home users all the way upto small and medium businesses are all thinking about it. Data is their lifeblood. So it makes sense that one of the top priorities for business owners is finding the best way to back up and store their data. But without huge, in-house IT teams to make decisions, the choice is theirs.

Fortunately, the simplicity, availability, and versatility of public cloud offerings and private Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions are making that choice a little easier. The question is, which one is best?

The public cloud, defined simply as services delivered via web-based applications and third-party providers, is an attractive option because it’s easy to use, and businesses only pay for what they use. That’s why many business owners think public cloud offerings are perfect for their businesses at first glance.

But with a bit deeper look, it quickly becomes apparent that it isn't as clear as it seems. With factors such as year on year cost, expandability and the very diverse means of accessing the data itself, the shortfalls of the cloud can be quickly apparent.

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