NAS 101: What is Network Attached Introduction - Network Storage (Part 2 days ago   18:14

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This video is a simple overview of network attached storage devices like the WD My Cloud, Seagate Personal Cloud, and Synology Disk Stations. It's geared towards those unfamiliar with network attached storage but considering purchasing a device for their home or office.


00:36 - Comparison to USB storage
02:10 - Description of Network Attached Storage (NAS)
03:35 - Recommendation of a dual 2 drive NAS vs. single drive NAS
05:13 - Why a 4 TB dual drive NAS is actually 2 TB or half storage
05:39 - Setting up user accounts
06:07 - File shares and permissions
06:43 - Public folders
07:32 - On site / home network functions and features DLNA , apps
09:31 - iTunes server doesn't work with Apple TV / iPad / iPhone
10:10 - Time Machine and backup
10:49 - Offsite / Internet access to the NAS and differences to onsite
12:28 - Backing up the NAS to external hard drives and cloud
15:04 - Recommendations and final thoughts

I talk about what Network Attached Storage is, what it isn't, and whether or not a NAS drive is a better choice over a standard external USB hard drive.

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Tom B
Lon, You NAS 101 is pretty good. I’m trying to educate my skeptical relatives about my NAS. Thks
Herbert He
With the WD, if you attach one or two more hard drives to the USB, do you have remote access to those additional hard drives? Say, if I have a 2TB My Cloud drive, with a 6TB My Book hard drive plugged into the USB, will I be able to access the content on the 6TB drive remotely from anywhere with an internet connection? Thanks.
you are awesome
Shawn Thorpe
Thank you for the video, really useful. I'm currently using Synology and I'm quite happy with that. Sorry if I change the topic but I wanted your feedback about this. I'm about to back this Cubbit project on Kickstarter. They are basically building a network of NAS communicating to each other through encrypted connections and each device stores parts of file and not the whole, for security reasons... They claim it should be more than a NAS and better than a Cloud. Do you know it? What do you think about it? @t
Gee Mack
great vid....
Sooo helpful! Thank you very much😀😀😀
Stanley Chen
.... Honestly the content is not enough for the tech savvy user
lambert lim
Don't buy WD, I bought WD my cloud after watching your videos, WD my cloud is a piece of junk, nothing work, and WD tech support suck.
D Luster
This guy is OFF THE CHAIN!! Perfect explanation!!
I enjoyed your video. Can you help me with these two questions please?
the voice quality is really good, do you edit it with Audacity or such a software?
what is the mic you use in this video?

It's been over a year I am trying to get direct and informative answer and I hope you can help

thank you
Cullam Allen
What is the difference between stripped and attached storage
Lon, love your videos and I would like your advise. Currently I’m running a Plex Server from my 2.8 i5 Mac mini. My movies are housed on a 2tb G drive and it’s almost full (1300+ movies). My question is, what should I replace that drive with, a Nas system or a Raid set up? I have a budget of $500, any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Shawn M
I have a My Cloud Ex2 Ultra. It hang and freezes after a few days and can’t be accessed remotely. I need to log in locally to restart the unit through the login dashboard to clear this hang and freeze, some times the dashboard is frozen too and the only way to reset is to unplug the unit. Have you experienced this issue with any of the units you have been running and testing?
Cisneros ElGreat
Great video and info. I already knew some of the things you’re going through but I’m excited to know that there is a channel out there that gives info like this and explains it in a simple manner. Thanks!
Anthony Martin
Let's just be honest. Almost no one (outside of someone who is paid to handle backups by a big company) is seriously doing any regular off-site backups that involve physical media and moving devices from one location to another (I cringe everything i hear someone saying they do this). Yeah, we talk about this stuff, but most real people aren't doing it (there are a relatively small number of people who do manage to get this done on the regular). Probably the best plan for real, regular off-site backup that gets done, is some kind of cloud back up that gets done by your computer during your off hours. It's a good thing that most hard drives are pretty reliable these days (and we all know that a crash is coming even to these drives).
Great video!!
A Chain
Working on a Mac, which type of NAS with two drives using with lightning would you recommend? It has to be USB conexión direct.
Dharmesh Yadav
Thanks a lot for the explanation. I think I understood NOW the NAS well :).
I am thinking of buying WB NAS, can you please share a link of your video to which explains its configurations.
Robert Gadding
thank you!
paul Levadeani
Great vid. You recommend getting a duel Drive to back up your files. couldn't you just plug in a wireless portable hard drive even a a new SSD thumb drive on the 3.0 USB hub on the back?
they make those actually in 500 gig I think that would be a little cheaper than buying the next My Cloud with mirror
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Introduction - Network Storage (Part NAS 101: What is Network Attached 2 days ago   04:03

Michael Wylie from ServNet LLC starts the Network Storage series with an introduction to how NAS devices work, the benefits, and why to pick a NAS over a USB thumb drive or external hard drive.

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