Underwater Lawnmowers Are Cleaning Trash AQUATIC SHREDDER VIDEO 3 1 day ago   03:17

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This Aquatic Weed Harvester can gather weeds and excessive amounts of trash in waterways of all sizes.

Cleantec Infra made the machine that functions similarly like an underwater lawnmower. Its conveyer belt lowers into the water and cuts, collects, and stores the trash/weeds until it needs to be discharged. 

The Harvester is one of many ways humans are trying to battle the growing threat of sea pollution all around the world. 

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Aquarius Systems USA built most of this equipment for use in India! Let us know if we can help you too www.aquarius-systems.com
What is the price of lake cleaner.
How can I get it.
Rodolfo Valdez
Buckowens songs
what is the conveyor used here
John E
very cool, thanks for sharing
Bobs Youruncle
What happens to the oxygen levels of these lakes when all the vegitation is removed?
Seminole Rick
People are 2 legged pigs... beautiful beaches & waterways trashed by lazy, inconsiderate swine.
C Clark
send 1000 of these on a worldwide tour starting with the gangees ( I know i butchered the spelling) in India
Whoever invented this is a GENIUS!!
Bassing Around TV
Seems like it would hold more if it had blender like blades for the weeds to go through as they fall in the collector.
Robert Harris
More like floating pond cleaner . Weedoo has water mowers
Dedy Darmawan
Jason St-Coeur
Not very practical.
Devon Harry
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Sunita Dwarka
Respected sir.
I need your help. Can you inform manufacturer of this machine my suggestions. This machine is cleaning only upper level of water.
But below bottom level we can clean simultaneously . You take u shape iron as anchor, attach ropes and put it beneath the ship at some convenient place , of your choice , when ship will move the plastic bags with get intagale in u shape anchor. You can use sharp anchor so that plastic bottles will gets stick to it. We need to take precautions with sharpness of anchor to Protect animals at the bottom level.once anchor have collected all garbage we can emplty it in your machine.
This method can also be used in ship to collect garbage of bottom level. Namh shivay.
vato loco
india needs 1 million of these machines just to clean 1 city lol
John Connor
Get some beach units over to Bali
Time Keeper
For years America was clean "why" we buried our trash in the ground it wasn't that hard! Then came recycling and it just started getting spread everywhere?
wisconsin grown
Wow this is so cool!crazy invention!I can't believe we have this.......fyi this has been a thing for 70years guys.my mom got paid to clean of the equipment in the 60s.this is not new or the fact that ppl still litter and company's still dump waste in our water.
Just get a voice actor.
They can knock out like 3 of these info-video scripts in an hour, including mixing and timing.
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AQUATIC SHREDDER VIDEO 3 Underwater Lawnmowers Are Cleaning Trash 1 day ago   14:31


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