Our Baby Puppy Official NAME Impatient husky 1 day ago   10:58

Last Sis vs Bro Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMJupy0A4j5zgfUJfzbedEHDOFkCxL1Fw
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Previously Grace Sharer and her brother Stephen Sharer were surprised by their Mom Sharer when she brought home a baby puppy dog! And in last vlog Choosing a Name for Our Baby Puppy!! (Sis VS Bro - You Decide) grace and Steven Sher got a lot of name suggestions from the Sharer Fam who commented their best name ideas. Not today, is the day to reveal the new baby puppy dog name. Its Otter Sharer new brother!

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Mohammaad Ali Tariq
Igor ZiobroΕ„
Shawn Nauth
Your new dog name is jake
Lexi and Zoe's world
Saidul Sajib
Pro Diamond Head 3
Cooper!!!!! Yay yay yay yay
Pro Diamond Head 3
Pro Diamond Head 3
Wait can he even breath
Estera Rudyte
the puppy is so cute:)
Rehan Jabar
Cooper please 😌
Noah Rogers
Skylar Mutcherson
One ☝🏻 we
Annie Overshown
Name him Jay Birthday
Kaylie Bogumil
And you are cute
tyler caplinger
So he went on a blast witch
Kaitlyn Camacho
Jonathan O'Driscoll
khurram bhatti
Jacqueline Warren
Face when you made that video on your head when you were all alone and you heard that noise there was something picking with that tree that you are a crush on your trampoline
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Impatient husky Our Baby Puppy Official NAME 1 day ago   01:41

When cleaning the pool for the first use of the summer, our huskies grow impatient but Drogo just couldn't wait any longer and had to go for it... Cleared the side and took a dip haha
(No huskies were hurt)
The dog ramp wasn't in the pool while he was cleaning. The dogs do have a ramp and deck so they can safely get in and out of the pool, that's what we were building.
We have 5 huskies and 2 chihuahuas. The Shepard and black/white husky are my fosters with dogs on deployment while their daddy serves in Iraq with the U.S. Army.

Our huskies are AKC huskies, not malamutes and not wolves. The white one is momma, Ziva, the loud hopper, Tony is daddy, the silver one that distracted stephen, is their daughter, Zaria, the one that jumped in, Drogo, is their son and the other red is their other son, Chesty Puller. All 5 huskies are certified therapy dogs and help people that need them. My older long hair chihuahua is also a certified therapy dog that works with the elderly. Davie is in training to do the same. Why? Because dogs bring so much love and comfort and I want to share that with everyone I can, if they can make just one person smile in their time of need, then they did their job.
Zaria is my service dog that helps me with my blood pressure. Dogs are amazing ❀️🐾
We do not breed them and only allowed 1 litter for the purpose of therapy dogs. Those that know the Husky breed know that it's rare to get a calm Husky.
The little chihuahua is Davie Jones, my huskies helped raise him from 2 days old when I rescued him and his 3 brothers from a local puppy mill that was selling them as 6 week old tea cup chihuahuas.

You can visit them on their Facebook page, Growing up husky @daviejones.huskies
I take more pictures then I do videos.

For those of you wanting a husky, please RESEARCH the breed first!!

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