The 1950s car turning heads in Syria Syria: Assad drives car through 2 days ago   02:15

BBC News
Neither war nor the Islamic State group has stopped Abu Malek driving his 1952 classic car across Syria.
The 67-year-old DeSoto Powermaster is a bit worse for wear, but still works.

Fifty years ago, the petrol engine was switched for a British tractor engine.

Before the most recent war, when fuel was better quality, Abu Malwk says it could reach 140km per hour.

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Isaac James
It's Titanic of the road and still rolling !
Shaun Walford
I’d rather that than a lot of new cars sold today
Power Play
How many bullet holes does that have?
blue smoke is coming out of the exhaust. thats not a good thing.
Task Force 117
This car is a survivor
Mad Jack Churchill
I'd give it a good lick of paint if he wanted.
Kennith Chapman
Can't beat old American muscle!
Muhd Sufian
car body from the ZIONIST AMERICANS & car engine from the ZIONIST BRITISH = PROPAGANDA
Link Home BD
nice car
Why no reports of Syria Army victories over bbcs murdering and raping cannibal heroes....the 'regime' is hoo 😭 🇸🇾
Daekyoung Jung
Jonovon Rollingson
BBC you have managed to alienate the tribalistic Amazonian working class! I hear they are fine young cannibals!!! Bye Bye BBC your fake news is fooling no one! Good riddance!
I bet it stinks inside, just like the BBC.
Stupid to destroy that unique engine sound with an annoying tune
Team Clan
Perfect car for bigger bombs thicker metal not like the new ones made out of plastic
From an era of white supremacy and evil male patriarchy, scrap it.
Magen Ervin
Now if only those violent refugees got their act together and moved back to the country to rebuild it, maybe these middle Eastern countries wouldn't become failed States.
unpaid troll
the suicide doors are perfect for the suicide society.
George Of The Jungle
Nice car!
Rudy Beep
Really, this is news now😳
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Syria: Assad drives car through The 1950s car turning heads in Syria 2 days ago   00:53

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Syrian President Bashar Assad drove a Honda Civic through Damascus’ suburbs in the direction of Eastern Ghouta, as seen in a video posted on his social media accounts, Monday. They video is said to have been filmed during a trip on Sunday.

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