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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
In your favorite cartoons the good guys always win, but this time the good gals won. Produced and animated by an all-female team led by Kaitlin Fontana with Julie Levitsky. Edited by Daphne Gómez-Mena.

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Jacob Schulman
What did savino betray his own show
The one statement I don't agree with is the, "it doesn't matter if it was your intention or not, women felt harassed by you" because that can lead to a slippery slope in which a genuine misunderstanding can lead to collateral damage.
Lori Ingle
Amazing story portrayed brilliantly by these women! Bravo!
Quinn Rollen
It's great to see more attention being brought to issues like this in the animation industry and other industries that mainstream media typically ignores, forgets about, or doesn't often take seriously.
I absolutely loved this! It made me informed on a story I hadn't heard about, gave me goosebumps, and wet eyes.
Pedro Trewartha
Poor Chris Savino (ToT)
Mugaka Murakumo
They're animators yet the animations look worse than what a 5 year old could do 🤔
well.......it's kind of hard that i really like and do love these ladies talked about the rise and fall of Chris Savino, He got Fired at Nick Animation Studios in Burbank California.I'm very still disappointed and feel very sad about he did a wrong thing that affect on girls and women that day while i was watching and i still loved his tv show The Loud House, i thought he was a good guy which he was my favorite writer/director of Kick Buttowski the red dare-devil on Disney XD in 2009 and his career of his legacy. Finally I started praying and show that i keep it to myself that if i have a inspiration too and be a incomparable voice/live Actor in Hollywood and
Burbank CA.
I say this to you Ladies Thanks and God Bless Everyone who learned their lesson and Stop this Harassment!
Bella the vampire AKA The crossover fan
That is the best story ever ever heard and I'm pretty glad they're standing up and telling the story of how Chris Savino got kicked by the girls
well done ladies!!!
I love how you can tell they’re all animators because of how they provide visual details as they tell stories
Evil Cuteness
How do you change the statute of limitations in California?
Adil Ahsan
that was pretty great... :)
William Remsen
Good news for these women! That type of behavior shouldn't be allowed anywhere. Also, it's never worth a possible job promotion. Ever. Report it early, if it happens. Run away. 👀
Kali Ope
who else cried at the sword part bc I cried
Salman Warsama
So no-one is talking about Shane’s cat abuse? Okay then.....
Incredible work!
Yes! Thank you! More of this please!
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The NRA is a Cult | March 7, 2018 Act 1 | Full #MeToon | March 13, 2019 Act 3 | Full 2 days ago   07:43

There are two great American cults that preach blind adherence to dogma, but only one is heavily armed.

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