Requiem for Gauri Lankesh - Arati I Feel No Anger, But Pity for the Killer’: 1 day ago   04:49

Kunal Kamra
This song is a a tribute to Bangalore journalist, Gauri Lankesh, who was killed outside her home on 5th September 2017. The sheer brutality of the crime, reflects the intolerance displayed by opposing thought and highlights the times we live in. Basic humanity has gone to seed.
Gauri was a fearless anti-establishment crusader who had enemies, but she didn't care. She spoke her mind in public and spread her word through her writings. 
It appears that in today's India, dissent is considered treason, and our freedom at every level is threatened. Gauri Lankesh's death was an assassination of Democracy. 
The song also speaks of religious intolerance, the beef ban, closeted sexuality and other aspects that challenge Indian society.

FEATURING: Arati Rao - vocals, lyrics and composition, Himanshu Gautam - guitars, Snehal Pinto - bass and Rohit P.S - drums. 
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गौरी लंकेश हम शर्मिंदा हैं, तेरे कातिल अभी तक ज़िंदा हैं।
Narendra Singh
Thinking Rational
Beautiful voice 🙂
Dheeraj Sachan
Samir Bose
Sali randy mari,bahut accha hua....kutte se chudba chahiye tha is randy ko
Sivasairam Chitrada
Watch the film *Shooter* this Gauri tragedy also the same. Opponents of present Govt. Killed her just to blame the present Govt. : Simple logic.. 🙏
vishal kumar
Somesh Gupta
She was just a stray dog.
Rest in hell.thuuu
Mannan Alam Mannu
Robin Frost
Naxal Sympathiser, Anti national, Threat to Hindus. There is only one organisation who can give that classification to people its the BJP-- prodigal child of RSS.
Siri Siri
We are in bad era where comedians evil ppl win over good ppl and lie win over truth ,, rip democracy
sk faiyaz
Singh Sahab
I'm pro BJP but every morning I listen this song every day.
rocky 1988
Gauri is not just a person she is a process of thought, her life and death are not invain, she ignited an ideology and gave a direction.
NvN Singh
bjp rss kutto ko desh se bagao .....
Jabid Hossain
We know who are the real killer of her.
stud bhau
Accha hua is madarchod kutiya ko maar daala . Jo hindu ko gaali dega voh kutte ki maut marega
Ekta Khemchandani
Jayaditya Dey
Ideas are bullet proof.
Stevie Lx
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I Feel No Anger, But Pity for the Killer’: Requiem for Gauri Lankesh - Arati 1 day ago   07:54

Kavitha Lankesh, the younger sister of slain activist-journalist Gauri Lankesh, still remembers the night she was killed in vivid detail. #IAmGauriLankesh

Video: The Quint
Music: Big Bang Fuzz

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