Assange: Ecuador's UK ambassador gives Julian Assange has information that 2 days ago   02:15

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After the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday, DW reporter Ana Maria Roura toured the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange spent nearly seven years. She gained access to the rooms where Assange lived in self-imposed exile and spoke exclusively with Ecuador's ambassador, Jaime Marchan, to the UK about his turbulant stay.
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Kenneth Jones
Lost somehow or expunged from these comments was my observation that Julian's service to mankind is worth total pay which all officials in this world collect above the table, plus what they steal. We should hope, that when we get him out, he will still be willing to aid our task of keeping up with what our? governments are doing.
Kenneth Jones
This little Judas Iscariot got more than 30 pieces of silver for Julian. And Ecuador received a Uncles Sam's sign-off on 4.2 thousand million US dollars in IMF loans. Normally such money is stolen from poor impoverished workers while they work to repay banks. That is how it works
Kurt Pusch
its an important fact missled by a big part of the media that the british police did not enter the embassy. the ecuadorian diplomatic police led him out of the embassy where he has been arrested as said by the embassador.
The greatest Treachery the world has ever seen! You are a Moreno will be the word used for traitor from now on. 'I am Spartacus"
Moha Amip
A slave ambassador talking.
Merilly Hughes
Sheeja Prasad
He's total BS. Assange was duped. How about telling how they got IMF donations. Crooks all crooks scared of Assange exposing them.
Dislikes are disapearing
Yasin Hassan
Had this happened elsewhere like the Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc the westren media machine would have arrupted. In this case, however, the UK is remeeded from any wrongdoing. What a cheap propoganda.
j bloggs
The president of Ecuador is a vile pig!
Margaret Wilson
Pretty sure Moreno had enough of him when Wikileaks released images of Morenos family and private messages.
nick f
Interesting they didn't show all the spy equipment they used to monitor and record Assange while he was there.
Kirks 71
Lol how did he communicate with the outside world when as part of his asylum restrictions they removed all access to internet phones and computers last March. He was only allowed visits from his lawyers who had their phones taken when they entered the embassy
Jon Sant
Deport him back to Australia and monitor his work if he still interferes in U.S. politics lock his arse up but don't let the Americans have him I just don't think he would get a fair trial
That's just my 2 cents worth 🇦🇺👍
Cambodia Joe
Publishing truth about governments is now considered meddling. Assange is a brave hero.
Charmaine Scheepers
Shame on you for trying to silence a man who exposed how evil governments rule this world. We will not be silent we know now how you did it and he was the ransome.
American government ring lickers, the lot of you :) Karma will get you :)
what other gestapo will you be interviewing?
Mik Kipling
Did you care about Jesus when they hauled him out and beat him and killed him? No .
Gordon Charles
If, while an exile in the embassy, they were concerned about his use of the internet, all they had to do is take away, or at least restrict, his internet access. Instead they allow him to continue using the internet and use this as a lame excuse to eject him from the embassy. What a cobbled up story if ever I heard one!
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Julian Assange has information that Assange: Ecuador's UK ambassador gives 2 days ago   07:30

Conservative author Jerome Corsi reacts to the arrest of Julian Assange saying the Wikileaks founder is being unjustly prosecuted.

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