What death would you choose SUPERCUT: The Most Shocking Moments 2 days ago   02:06

Little Cub
Natalia Tena (Osha), Iain Glen (Jorah), Finn Jones(Loras), Joe Dempsie (Gendry), & Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) tell us how they would like their characters to die in the tv series Game of Thrones. RingCon 2012

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Robert Erlandson
It seems the audience liked Iains response
Chris Gold
where's the whole thing??
Arya Stark
Natalia Tena is my spirit animal. 😂😍
Jorah, I stan. If he dies I ain't watching anymore.
Jorah . Perfect Answer.
Shelly K
was loras stoned? lmao
is the guy wearing blue syrio forell??
Kid Power
The wildling is pretty hot in normal life, a bit wild tho...
Johnny Skinwalker
That was the most awesome death description LOL. If you are about to go, then go in a spectacular fashion
Headless Horseman
1:02 that's how exactly how Jorah wishes he would die. Lol. So in character
Mellie K
Nat stole my death answer! Good to know we share some freaky-deaky brain waves!
I would be fine with Jorah dying after having sex with Deanerys
ufo lebt
finn Jones is so gay ❤
ufo lebt
jorah tho
Nadia Baez
Iain Glen. RIP my ovaries
Lmao Nat's crazy😂😂😂😂
Hugo Dantinne
team jorah here 😂😂😂
I would, Iain Glen, any time, any place.You are such a beautiful man and an extraordinary actor.
Iain glenn is slay! He did wanted to making love with dany of course
The producers need to head that
It's a confession from iain self
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SUPERCUT: The Most Shocking Moments What death would you choose 2 days ago   10:36

A Game of Thrones Supercut/compilation that showcases the most shocking moments in Game of Thrones Season 1-7

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