How three companies became the market's Ghana’s Katanka cars competes 2 days ago   03:24

Financial Times
Companies bundling stocks together in 'index funds' have now become publicly traded firms' largest shareholders. The FT explains why the rise of the 'big three' firms, Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street, may be cause for concern.

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subham mallik
But at the end of the day, the index is own by individual investor
Do a video on rating agencies and how they contributed to group think and the crisis of 2008.
WhitE LighteR
I'm impressed of her skill to write backwards
Luxus Häuser
Well presented, tell me more.
Kira Y.
Kinda scary
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Ghana’s Katanka cars competes How three companies became the market's 2 days ago   03:29

Over 20 million new cars were purchased in sub-Saharan Africa last year, but despite favourable demand, Africa's local automobile industry is limited to fewer than 10 players. Some are struggling to gain market share, such as Uganda's Kiira motors, Nigeria's Innoson and Kenya's Mobius motors. But real competition in the sector is still just among the global automakers. Uche Okoronkwo takes us to Ghana where the Katanka Group is trying to break down those barriers

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