Ukraine crisis: first shots Docu film: Ukrainian army 5 months ago   09:11

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Russians cocked their rifles at unarmed Ukrainian troops, Lindsey Hilsum reports from Crimea.Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here:

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Raymond Woodard
Non guarded and armed air base
Vladimir Nikolic
UA idiots!!!
галина репина
Тупая Юлька , привела свой сброд.
This looks oddly staged. When do soldiers get so emotional over annexation?
Stepan Shorodok
I hate Russia it's not gonna bring peace to Ukrainian Ukrainian did nothing back to them it's all Russians fault
John vincent Diaz
Wtf America is with us??? Shame on you Ukraine LOL
America is with us...... hahahahahahhahaha, best joke i have heard in 2014
kelvin huynh
If one day, Russia, China, or any country in the middle east be come the most strongest country, then it will be the end of the world. There must be a reason why God made America is the most strongest country.
Big apresiation for russia for helping many people in arabic.go ahead russia we are support you.
ImDoneWithYou Animations
SLAVA UKRAINA, brave soldiers
Lol, saying Russians and Ukrainians are brothers
Like israel and the middle easthma are brothers
Alpha Tango
And right there they could have started a war
Leon Hutchings
what an MSM British troll this woman is.....russia is building a wall so the ukrainians cant escape the draft
Leon Hutchings
where is a frog foot when you need ridiculous
We still must believe there are more Russians and Ukrainians lying in bed and and doing all that wet nasty things than anywhere else in our wide loving world. So when the foreplay ends...
Eddie Gordan
shows you what a brainless lot they are
Maricar Vargas marks
Attack the Russian and get back ur jets . Go hard or go home
Those Ukrainian soldiers are the deserters of Ukrainian army
Rich Heisler
I believe they are trying to play NATO I believe the military is still controlled by the ex-president and is in a coup with Russia and mainly separatists are fighting not military but they are trying to get NATO to send weapons they want to capture as many weapons as possible to know what we are working with knowing that they will not get the latest and greatest but can still get some things that will help them out astronomically if they decided to go to war with us
Tyson Perws
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Docu film: Ukrainian army Ukraine crisis: first shots 5 months ago   12:09

Documentary film about crisis in Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Sloviansk), filming in ATO zone.

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