Little Mermaid in English | Story Little Mermaid Chapters 1-10! 1 day ago   16:15

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Esse Mercedes
If she not marry the prince she will marry aquaman
Temidayo Olawole
Mermaid melissa is real
John Sathyam
It’s Ariel
Aubrey Lii
Eva sang thats why the boat sank 😂
Alicen Basarab
Listen to the grandma and you will see what I mean
Yuan Wu
Why is Eva’s skin white?
That's not what happened in Little Mermaid
Joy Ellis
She's name is eva
aleya khayra
I wish eva( the little mermaid) is real
kepala gundul
After she become Air Fairy, she should not wish to become human.
tinh tran
Zynah Riaz
No part 2 ???
Renee Rose
no is ariel you fool
Workout With Baggett
Yes dear dear
Rina Greece
I literally died when I saw the prince (toy) floating in the waves pffftttt 😂😅 The Shrimp sounds like a robot 😢
That shrimp sounds like Wall-E
Sairam A - eC
I love your videos very much so much 💖💝💟
Duyên Mỹ
😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😱😱😱😱 tội nghiệp nàng tiên cá xinh đẹp
Shola Adekanbi
Amazing good for kids!
Aditi Ravishankar. P
her name is airiel not eva
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Little Mermaid Chapters 1-10! Little Mermaid in English | Story 1 day ago   31:35

Join Ms. Booksy on this underwater adventure! Let's read all ten chapters of The Little Mermaid with Ms. Booksy!
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