When Your Wife Is Into Stolen Car. Drew Barth 1 day ago   07:08

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When your wife is into craft projects, your house can become a whole reason to have an argument. Watch "Something Awesome" by Jamie Lissow at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/jamiel

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That was pretty hilarious. Without using silly voices and over-the-top antics. Solidly smart, real, funny and fresh material.
Terry Ivey
Loved it !! Truth for sure. Yes, I am that craft person. Do you know how many household items are used for quilting and sewing? Need to toss something? ASK first ! hahaaaa
Fantastic! And this is coming from a crafter, lol!
Pepe Le pew
Wow can I get some open bar standup instead? Haha
Naomi Arias
He looks like Charlie puth
Richard Duncan
Brave Man "something you don't want do."
missee doodle
"One can Never have too many craft supplies." -- St. Artesanía --


Giselle D'Souza
what you talking about the craft store is amazing!
Mac Kelly
Ha dead on
Mr. New Day
Shout out to anyone who's worked stores like Ac Moore, Michaels, Joanne's, Creativity, etc etc etc stores like me :P
Ai Doll
The kind of wife this guy has is a striking reminder of how little I relate to most other women. x'D You don't wake a sleeping person up unless they have to be somewhere already, and my idea of 'what we should do today' goes like "Oi, pick up this stuff from the store, please. I'mma make a ton of snacks, then we're gonna either binge-watch movies/tv we both like or marathon some video games."
Sam Vander
Mine said once you know what we should do today... Lets go to the car show. I love her so much
Maddie Arnold
It's probably just me but he reminds me of Nicholas Cage
Shea Zero
Luisa Hernandez
He cracks me up 🤣😂😁😀😆😆
Terri Fenrich
Definitely difference between this man and 100% of of all women, crafting to me is taking scrap metal, welding it together into a Gantry, rather than going and buying one from Harbor Freight for $750. That will always be the difference between a man and woman, men make stuff that is useful. We build building, vehicles, computers. While women make pillow shams and scrap books.
My husband knows where things in Michael's are, not to be helpful but to get me out of the store faster 😂
El P
Great crafters are often confused as horders...except our things are clean :)
La Wo
Not funny
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Stolen Car. Drew Barth When Your Wife Is Into 1 day ago   06:18

Having a stolen car, is never a fun problem to have, but you can lighten the mood by watching "Should Tried Harder" by Drew Barth only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/drewb

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