How to get Files off a Broken Phone recover data Samsung Galaxy 10 months ago   03:09

Having problems? Try following tutorial:

Hello and welcome today we will show you how to get files off a broken phone.
Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk
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Everett [BetaTrivus]
I accidentally held the volume down button.

It wiped the phone.

I'm so upset.
Mohammed suneeb
fakee video
Shaan Shekhar
he did quite a lot of research
Like the video. Good advice. My phone is a Sumsung SMG900V, so it did not work on mine. Thanks for the video because it will work for someone. Keep posting and keep up the good work.
christopher king
What if my phone wont turn on!? Please help!!
Dadom Gaming
Long story short i had my phone in my hand and talked to mom i should do a thing mom said i should put my phone on the roof of the car but! I forgot to take it so we drew away like nothing and when i was at home i did not find my phone and it was on the road but there was a nice man that called mom with the sim card in it and wow it as ben drived over and just because my case the back survived but the front did not and the screen does not work
One like on this comment means one prayer for iphone xs
miriam deltoro
What is the little adapter that is being used to connect from phone to laptop?
Tracee` Blair
I have a samsung edge. The back doesnt come off.
Dan Ade
Why did u cut off the video
Farooq Sheikh
Can this trick work on my Device so Very Thanks
DC Chronicles
Should have said what type of phone this was for. Not all phones have pushable home buttons
IMAGINE Through A Video
Its not working even in the recovery mode, and i need to access my internal storage without wiping the data
Helios Dragoneer
your phone is not dead, it's just your phone's lcd digitizer is broken that's all even without entering recovery mode you can still get your files from your internal storage.
Jebat 5151
My home button and volume button also
Zoltán Bereczki
Dear an other 1000th 10 year old clever egg! A Broken phone doesn't mean the screen is broken. Try to save data from a phone completely dead, cannot be turned on and without any power, that would worth a video, not this bullshit.
raja singh
I have redmi 2 prime mobile & my phone is not Stop booting solve my problem plz.
Dgonz Gonz
My phone won’t turn on, charge, or show up connected to the computer. Anyway I can get my files off of it
DJBJ Rizali
What about if the phone is cracked In half
Zach Bee
I have a question I have a old phone it's called Android mini I have pictures on that phone I have a new phone now and I want those pics
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recover data Samsung Galaxy How to get Files off a Broken Phone 10 months ago   09:19

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HDD Recovery Services
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