COMEDIAN DARREN KNIGHT: TEENAGE Sh%t Southern Women Say In A Hurricane 1 day ago   03:03

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Darren Knight, aka Southern Momma from Munford, Alabama, is the fastest rising comedian in American history. In just a few short months, he has cultivated a massive online presence, accumulating over a half a billion views across multiple social media platforms. Darren takes his persona to the stage, selling out theatres and casinos nationwide. He's been compared to Jeff Foxworthy, as the next star of redneck comedy.

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Jennifer Norton
Teen girls??? This must be an older video cause just described my 7 year old!!! Down to a T!!! And your me in the video. I react the exact same way!!! And yes, I'm 85% sure shell murder me come puberty. Please pray I can at least get outta the teen years alive!!!
Haha "Cut those eyes at me again" Lol I so love you, My daughter and I Enjoy your videoes so much, Thank you
Michele Hinson
I love him ..his videos make smile and take me out of my on negative world can't help but want to see more. His voice just is addictive lol 😂😂😂
Emma Harrington
Typical crazy hormonal teenage antics!!!! Love you southern momma
Nancy Foroughi
Dont make eye contact!! Omg!!
Brenda Lewis
Tossn present says he still ain't a wig.
Pamela Shore
I had 2 Sisters, my poor parents. We had so many different personalities running around I'm sure it was like living with Sybil.
Jillian The Great
I thought Bethany was a little girl?
Jenni Is Bored
Bill Eichler much?
Nicole Crandall
If I gave my mom attitude or didn't help with chores it be my ass
You should make a video about teenage boys. Because from what I just learned a little while ago teenage boys can be just as Moody as teenage girls if not even worse.
Julie Anne
I love you Darren!!!💕
Courtney Pepper
OMG, giiiirl, my daughter is only SIX!??? 😅😮🤐😢
dal rhoads
this is worse than dane cook
Ms. D
Too true
Sasha Kazmar
The struggle is real:)
This is so true about teenage girls!
Lillie Albert
OMG you funny as hell💯
Victoria Martin
Teenage boys are no better
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Sh%t Southern Women Say In A Hurricane COMEDIAN DARREN KNIGHT: TEENAGE 1 day ago   04:41


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