The Legal Race Around Abortion Trump's Plan To Deter Asylum 1 day ago   02:21

It’s the first opportunity for the two newest justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, to participate in a decision that would send a powerful message to state lawmakers – about whether or not this more conservative Supreme Court will uphold abortion rights precedent going forward. VICE News looks at the shifting strategies at the state and federal level as legislators and litigators prepare for the possibility that Roe v. Wade could actually be overturned.

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Akon Fenty
After seeing Connecting proposing it I am definitely moving back to Georgia. You shouldn't propose it or pass this abortion crap law.
Paul N/A
meant asshole anti-abortionists. sorry....LOL
Paul N/A
it amazes me how everybody always wants to tell everybody else what's right and wrong. some things don't concern you, asshole abortionists.
Red-Blooded America
"Abortion rights" is an nonsensical meaningless term.
Anthony Foote
Pro choice begins before you enter the bedroom.
Kyle Martnich
Rather than asking whether abortion should be legal we should ask why people are even needing an abortion
Jason Arsenault
Arkansas has very stupid people that lie cheat & steal.
Where's the father's right not to have his baby slaughtered?
Coco Nut
YES STOP abortion !!!
Abortion should be outlawed !  Remember Jesus is lord
Stale Memes
If abortion should be banned, so should contraceptives.
Chris Parow
I think the abortion age should be raised to. 21.
“If it’s dead, it’s not MY problem!”
Asking 4 A Friend
What’s closer to ideal behavior? Treating my unborn child as if she is precious and worthy; or treating her as if she is a subhuman obstacle?
Jimmy Ware
It’s almost like killing a baby is somehow not within your rights. Weird.
“I support a woman’s right to choose.”

Aw doesn’t that sound all nice and politically correct.

Choose what?

Choose to not have unprotected sex? Choose to *gasp* abstain from sex? Choose to parent? Choose to place her baby with an adoptive family?

Or do you just mean ‘abortion’? And so what you REALLY mean is,

“I support a woman’s right to kill her baby.”

And that sounds a bit...not so good.

Baby Killers!
Michael Parks
if abortion is ethical, then it must also be ethical that i kill you just so long as i do not bring you pain.(obviously i wouldn't want to do that to anyone) just because i so happen to be born a man it should not devalue a human life. this statement makes playing the women card void. please do not use any unconscious bias to fuel your desires to tell yourself what the truth is. -peace
Wesley P
im starting to think that there needs to be an amendment passed on this issue to the USC. states should all vote on this to see if they can pass something. the USC should define what it is, if you do or do not have the right to do it and all the other aspects of the debate. they should create 20 bills that could become amendments, 10 for it and 10 against it and each of the 10 would have differences, variations and levels of severity of support and opposition. all of these bills should be voted on by the states to see first, what has the best chances of passing, then if needed additional votes on only the bills that have the most popular support. if any 1 bill gets 3/4 of the vote it should become an amendment to the USC. that would end the debates once and for all.
Sterilize everyone and make parents earn the right to reproduce.
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Trump's Plan To Deter Asylum The Legal Race Around Abortion 1 day ago   06:14

Last Tuesday morning, Catardo Gómez stepped from the United States into Mexico, looked around briefly in confusion, and was immediately swarmed by microphones and cameras.

He’d made history simply by walking onto the other side of El Chaparral, a pedestrian border crossing connecting San Diego with Tijuana. Gómez was the first migrant sent back under a new Trump administration program, called the Migrant Protection Protocol, which requires asylum seekers to wait out their cases in Mexico instead of the U.S.

“I’m going straight to the place where I’m staying,” Gómez told the scrum of reporters before being hustled into a van by Mexican immigration agents. “I’m tired.”

Soon, more migrants from Central America like Gómez will be forced to make the trek back over the border as they wait for their asylum cases, which the US is required by domestic and international law to hear in full before it deports asylum seekers back to their home countries. If the program is fully implemented, the implications could be massive.

Most asylum seekers who enter the U.S. through the southern border, either by presenting themselves at a port of entry or crossing illegally and surrendering to Border Patrol agents, wait in the United States while their asylum cases proceed through the severely backlogged immigration court system, which can take months or years.

But now, a growing number will be forced to wait out the process in Mexican border cities, which are often beset by the same problems of violence and poverty that migrants fled in the first place. Some are likely to give up and return home as a result, and both supporters and critics of the program say such a deterrent effect is part of its design.

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