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We are at an amazing tipping point with recent renewable energy breakthroughs. To achieve a carbon-free world, the challenge is staggering, but so is the size of the opportunity. Technology and innovation pioneer Bill Gross shares new developments that make this tipping point a reality.

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I want to see the calculations on the maintenance costs. Something mechanical that lifts and lowers heavy weights non-stop all day long is bound to have wear and mechanical failures.
Glenn Naylor
What about shipping containers filled with compacted trash. Total capacity about 35 tons all of the infrastructure for moving and handling the containers already exists and I know that they can be stacked at least 10 high. Shipping containers are extremely durable made out of a rust resistant Steel and can be purchased inexpensively for used containers. Automation already exists for moving these containers. I think the lock and attachments for the containers there are automatic ones could be configured to do Silo type stacks Alpha stationary Hammerhead crane using an inner and outer rings and I have no doubt that that stocking capacity of the containers could probably exceed 10 high with the correct engineering don't know whether you thought of this but may help.
Richard Best
you need to get ambri in on this there specialty is grid tie storage.
Great talk. Sounds like he might be onto something. Certainly worth some testing.

Looking for something cheap and heavy to stack? Ever seen columnar basalt? Easily cut up into manageable-sized blocks (using diamond saws) and stacked.
You can boil water a 75 F in a vacuum but none of you dummies can figure out how to run a steam engine with it hints a condensation chamber of sufficient size to accept an operational input volume and internal architecture to quickly return it to a liquid state.
This guy is lying. We have wind power in the UK which costs twice as much for onshore and 3 times as much for offshore as fossil fuels despite the 15% carbon tax. In the USA renewable energy receives huge subsidies which dwarf the fossil fuel subsidies. The clue is that he made a whole lot of assertions but did not offer one shred of evidence to back them up.
Stijn De Cocker
0:28 the Volkswagen Golf was only produced starting from 1974, so the photo can't be from 1973 :-)
creator generator
Retrofit old mine shafts
Andrew Paczuski
We need Solyndra more than ever. It is a shame It went bankrupt. Yeah, right?
Frank Blangeard
Freight trains, freight ships, airplanes and large trucks all use fossil fuels. There is no change. These forms of transportation will not run on renewables. We could transition back to sail powered ships and horses pulling wagons. Perhaps we will.
P Knowles
Ever thought of Molten Salt reactors - needs developing - definitely a much cheaper, safer & less hazardous type of nuclear energy - definitely a way to change the way everyone lives while developing better 'greener' storage systems. Got to realize that all these types of renewable energy & storage systems require maintenance that put peoples lives at risk (during construction & operation). There are statistics that show the cost per kWatt per death & the nuclear industry has the best record.
There is ONE solar energy technology that does NOT require storage nor pie-in-the-sky orbiting power stations. It is the 24*7 use of the temperature gradient in the tropical oceans to produce electricity and zero-net-carbon liquid fuels. It has been totally ignored for decades, despite the fact that it is the largest and cheapest PRACTICAL renewable energy technology.
Sam Lair
“In the history of mankind, 50% of all carbon released into the atmosphere occurred in the last 30 years. The burning of fossil fuels and chemical-intensive industrial agriculture are the main drivers of climate change. The good news is that humans have the power to stop, and potentially reverse, climate change, but the solution is not fancy new carbon-capturing technology. A significant part of the solution to climate change is to harness the power of Mother Nature in the form of organic regenerative agriculture and the restoration of forests, peatlands, mangroves and other ecosystem habitats capable of drawing down and storing excess atmospheric carbon.”
Andy McKee
"All the hydro sites are already taken around the world" Ummm hell no. Not even a fraction of the potential sites have been used. Basically this guy has this gravity tower storage system he would like to sell and so poo-poos the really sensible solution which is pumped hydro. Thumbs down for a sales pitch that is low on facts and big on hype.
David Russell
Soon I will be showing how a mechanical piston engine works. It changes potential energy into kinetic energy without the loss of potential energy. A life saver for the whole world.
Sam Lair
I don’t need a crystal ball or the power of prophecy to see the future of our planet’s biosphere if we keep on headed in the direction that we’re going. I can’t predict timelines because there’s too many variables, but I do foresee a future that has Chicago eventually sporting a semitropical climate. That is, if cumulative global warming is not averted via a breakdown in carbon emissions because of nuclear war, world wide pandemic, climate change induced crop failures or other such calamities and/or international proactive measures to overwhelmingly thrust renewable energy sources and carbon sequestration (e.g., biochar) to the fore is successful.

Greenhouse Effect:

Renewable Energy Breakthroughs:
The US is going use coal for power, they love the old fashion way. cars will run on coal, trains, ships, homes.....all will run on coal.
Peter Hall
make the Blocks out of Recycled Plastic as there is no other use for it.
*Was that an unintentional **_Freudian Slip_** at **8:55** Low / High Efficiency Motors etc ?*
The gravity battery is very promising. It's so simple (minus the computer controlled etc), I like it.
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Jonathan Trent: Energy from Renewable energy breakthroughs and the tipping 7 months ago   14:46

Call it "fuel without fossils": Jonathan Trent is working on a plan to grow new biofuel by farming micro-algae in floating offshore pods that eat wastewater from cities. Hear his team's bold vision for Project OMEGA (Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae) and how it might power the future.

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