NFL Best 'ROOKIE' Highlights Of 2019 Devin Hester Relives RIDICULOUS 2 days ago   08:07

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Josh Romero-Burgan
Every time my rams were on the clock I was screaming mack Wilson at the TV. Every pick . Now I like who we got but idk how the hell he fell so far in the draft . Hes gunna be a fuckin monster . Every team that lassed will regret it .
tyron norman
Haskins gone be nice
Jaylasell Dasunboi
You should add the name in a text to the person highlight...😒😒😒
Daren Ross
Chandon Sullivan isn’t a Rookie tho...was with the eagles last year .
Nicholas Landrum
Where Deebo at?
3:18 number 41 let his guy get clobbered
Albert Arriola
Tears of joy on the last one! :D
But no falcons highlights whats wit the community
yup yup
Cant believe they left out jalen hurd he had better highlights then a few of these players on this video
get rid of the horrible music
Terence Jackson
Metcalf look slow as fuck.
B Wright1k
That boy Mack still ballin ❗️
k P
Cardinals game coverage looked like it was the 80s
Brandon Norris
Js but as a Hawks fan I was really underwhelmed by Metcalf's performance, I actually thought Chance Ferguson had the best highlights for us in week 1. Metcalf had about 5-6 passes with 2 being potential TD's but he allowed much smaller defenders to get yhe best of him. . But it's only pre season, he is still learning and developing, and Geno Smith got hurt and was playing "mehh" (granted he didnt get much blocking, either) but I hope Seattle finds a way to make sure he is dynamic in our offense by the start of the season.
Anthony Singletary
So does greenbay have a defense this year think I might start back watching football
UNW Breezy
Dem BROWNS looking good
Evan La Freniere
Chandon Sullivan isnt a rookie
Ruben Favela
You didnt show Brian burns sacks
Jaylen Hurd???????
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Devin Hester Relives RIDICULOUS NFL Best 'ROOKIE' Highlights Of 2019 2 days ago   09:34

Devin Hester relives his iconic 2006 season!

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