Gaming on a Laptop in 2019 - Razer 2019 Razer Blade 15 Review 1 day ago   16:10

Today we take a look at the Razer Blade 15 with a soon to be outdated 8750H CPU and a 2070 Max-Q GPU.

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Nick Stalburg
Razor Blade
My current laptop has sucked since day one lol (doesn't even charge oof-)
nice review ! review msi creator p65 9se plz
They also sell a cheaper 1060
Mike B
Man I’ve had this laptop since March and just took an new consulting job. This is now my daily driver and I love it more than ever. Gonna beef up the ram for vm’s but I have 0 buyers remorse
144hz but what ms response time on display ?
Isaiah Heresa
Shout out to dirtfish! Lol love the hoodie, I’m near dirtfish in WA
Morgan Stuart Classical Guitarist
Did you have any backlight bleed with this model? I have a little with mine.
Vile •
Razer- the same as everyone else, just thousands more for asthetics
Donald Trumps signature Is my profile pic
I think I know what people were talking about when they say Razer is the Apple of gaming laptops and other accessories
Just got this for $1700 :)
creative creative
Razors the only thing hotter than the sun.
Bardown God
Yea but how long will this thing last
please review the 17-cb0050nr from Omen, its a 2080 rtx laptop with for $1900.
id radther save the 800 and get the msi or asus.
New video idea, You build a water cooled laptop
Nice. But I’d rather have the new asus models with the full gpu without max-q. They run cooler too.
Game Maddness
What program do u use to show ur gpu,cpu and fps stats?
Bruno De Marques
It’s 1080p. It should preform admirably
It sucks that mercury white is only available in the Us and Canada.. as a European I NEED IT
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2019 Razer Blade 15 Review Gaming on a Laptop in 2019 - Razer 1 day ago   08:40

Infinity Labs review of the new 2019 Razer Blade 15 with the NVIDIA RTX 2070 Max-Q!

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