The Realities Of Trump's Trade War | VICE Trump in Dubai & China in Africa 2 days ago   27:26

"Trade wars are good and easy to win," President Donald J. Trump famously tweeted. But how would one really impact everyday Americans?

We traveled across the country and met the manufacturers, people, and competing forces facing the realities of Trump's trade war.

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Internment camps. Orwellian surveillance. Silence. Isobel Yeung goes undercover in a special report that reveals how China is oppressing the Muslim minority Uighur people in horrific conditions. Watch it here -
Joe Sinegal
America Should Have Never Allowed Foreign Countries To Purchase Many Of Our Industries And Allow American Companies To Move Their Operations Overseas And Ship Products Back To Us Without Tariffs! American Worker's Helped Build These Companies And Were Sold Out For Pure Profit Increases! America Deserves A Level Playing Field To Compete And Keep Companies In Our Own Country. We Can't Survive As A Nation If We Don't Produce Products For Ourselves And Keep Americans Employed!
Chrome Dome
We must vote trump again or the communist will take over the wingers
Jadie_1p p
don't too cookies Vice news, you should ask those company's CEO your interview, how are they likely to move their company to China because China has the upper hand(material, labor, competitors ) than the US. from what I see, companies in the US would have a disadvantage in the global market and its profit if tariffs go on. so Trump wants to control fair trade between country to the country might cause a recession. so the US shouldn't hurt china while the US tries to boot its economic.
Why can't the USA use real sugar in coca cola they use some bullshit fructose most other countries like Mexico still uses real sugar ??????
If there was ever a time or a cause for tax paying Americans to chip in and do their part it is right here and now to finish what Trump started and win these trade wars to end this abuses once and for all. We can put all those liberal pipe dreams of free everything on hold until we win these trade wars. Prices going up...I'll gladly pay. If everyone had that attitude, we win...Big and in a short time.
Where was Vice when they were shutting down 70,000 factories across the Heartland in the early 2000s,Vice/theElites don't give Dam about US!!

Now we have more jobs than people!!!
William Liu
Just sell everything to China and let Huawei rule the world.
jai bharat
somebody has to bring it down, and he is the "chosen one" !! .....
this is feel with mostly lie and some true
to understand the trade war you have to know what it is
I’d love a part two!
stephen osborne
Knew that yank was gunna cry
It may hurt us but we all have to admit that a trade war is needed. We are beating treated unfair as Americans. The Chinese are taking advantage of us. We need to fight back. They have tariffs on our goods, but we didn’t have tariffs on theirs. We are finally fighting back!! Trump 2020!!!
Cheaper to buy items in Canada these days. I used to buy on Amazon USA and ship to Canada and save money. Now everything is either the same or sometimes cheaper here in Canada. I'm 69 years old and I never thought I'd see this day. Donald Trump Made Canada great again, I now shop in Canada only.
Michael Eugene Romero
i can see those workers teary eyes, tears of joy in those steel workers
when are you dumb zombies in America going to wake up realize that Donald Trump and doing s*** for you the American people
yeayou zazoo
White power i mean white people really like that orange guy he must be doing something wrong i mean white. This documentary is about staying on the white i mean right path with trade. The magnum nail factory had the white i mean right people for the job i pray they don't be affected by these trade decisions in a negitive way. I seen that orange guy on t.v. before🤔🤔🤔that's white i mean right ! "Your fired"........ so why was he talking behind the president's podium? 🙄🤔🤔🤔🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️................🍊
When Obama was president, Chinese president Xi always smiled condescendingly. He knew he was sticking it to America. When he met Trump a week ago, Xi looked liked he had a hedgehog in his pants. Trump is sticking it to China, and Xi knows that his days are numbered.
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Trump in Dubai & China in Africa The Realities Of Trump's Trade War | VICE 2 days ago   29:31

The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, are often described as paradise in the Middle East. But the 5 million migrant workers who live there, making up more than half the population, have an entirely different experience. They live in appalling conditions, and regularly end up with nothing, even after years of hard work -- and now, many of them are employed on a project bearing the name of Trump.

China is financing more infrastructure projects and selling more goods to Africa than any other trade partner in the world, with a large share of investments linked to the extraction of resources. VICE heads to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya and South Africa to meet the characters behind the business deals and explore what this increasingly prominent China-Africa relationship could mean for the future of global politics.

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