The Realities Of Trump's Trade War | VICE Donald Trump's threat to dismantle 1 day ago   27:26

"Trade wars are good and easy to win," President Donald J. Trump famously tweeted. But how would one really impact everyday Americans?

We traveled across the country and met the manufacturers, people, and competing forces facing the realities of Trump's trade war.

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“Thinking that tariffs are the magical tool that is bringing the entire supply chain, the entire ecosystem, to the United States is a task that’s larger than even Apple could accomplish,” Wiens told VICE News.
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Del Price
Globalist corporate decisions will always relegate sovereignty to the waste heap
The Truth
That’s a damm shame, Trump is F ing over his own base & they are still going to vote for him . WOW .
Pepins Spot
And Claire lost re-election in here state. So the way I see it, they'll get what they deserve.
Kinzie Burton
Wow start spinning at ten. Lol keep your water works going, cause the USA has been getting tariffs by almost all the other countries. Before any of this started! Nothing but lefty propaganda!
John Ware
the graffic shows 25k job loss. We have a 3.3% unemployment rate! MAGA!
Dakotah Smith
"America should not only build a socialist country, but support all other countries' employees" stated among all comments below. The work force has become a employee's market, naming the wages and feeding the economy, its a busy time. Capitalism.
George MiLo
Im sick of watching even simple customer service call center jobs, going to the exterior. All due to corporate greed. If a trade war is the pain we need to go through to get several industries back here, lets do it.
the left WANTS blue collar middle class workers -particularly white males- unemployed.
big surprise here- a leftist site taking shots at a republican.
sebell C
FAIR TRADE DOES NOT EXIST ............ ALL trade is manipulated by the governments of countries ....ALL COUNTRIES DO THIS FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME ............. the point is IF anything is it balanced were everyone makes a living and a profit
J.C. Juan Carlos lopez cardenas
Some one always got to lose
Freddy Peralta
Some of this people voted for Trump ,now losing their jobs and still believe a miracle will stop other countries from retaliating.
What???? 🤦🏻‍♂️
T Hill
I find it funny how they talk about price hikes with the tariffs. Other than New Jersey upping gas taxes and such I don't see other items getting more expensive than they already were. In all honesty I see things going down in prices. We're trading produce with China from US Farmers like never before. It's crazy how one sided reporting can be.
jim gunn
So, an idiot in the White House is very costly. Huh...
Adlai Ferrell
Read my lips
Adlai Ferrell
Democrats are too blame they sell our jobs and plants for cheap foriegn importes and labor.....
Jeff Johnson
As a student of geopolitics, I understand that China forces it's industry to produce so people stay employed. It's such a crazy mentality, and it results in an oversupply of products like aluminum and steel and is ultimately bad for the world economy, and bad for countries that play by the rules. China puts barriers on many of our products (not tariffs, but barriers). Ask yourself, what is Trump trying to achieve? To have permanent tariffs? no-- he wants to reduce tariffs and barriers on USA products in other countries. So if tariffs are bad, aren't they bad everywhere?

I thought the piece was reasonably fair, but missed the point about how other countries limit imports of USA goods, and how no one has tried to remedy it in the past. Study Peter Zeihan and George Friedman on the topic(s).

Pointing out some cases where sectors are hurt by Trumps trade policy is like complaining that if you stop home robberies it will be more expensive to buy things on craigslist.
william louie
Deficit is you buy more stuffs than you can afford. So what do you do? You print more IOU.
Scott Little
Vice is a shilling agency
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Donald Trump's threat to dismantle The Realities Of Trump's Trade War | VICE 1 day ago   03:52

NATO has helped keep the peace in the Northern Hemisphere for more than half a century. Donald Trump is threatening to dismantle it. Read more from Vox's Zack Beauchamp:

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