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As a YouTuber and video creator, you have a lot of old videos to save and archive for later. What's the best storage options for saving all those large video files? What method works best for archiving all your raw footage and video clips for later so you can free up the disk space on your computer?

I share the method I use, which is a combination of storing my videos on a large external hard drive and then having that hard drive backed up to a cloud-based backup service called BackBlaze. That way I have a copy of all my videos readily available, but in case the hard drive fails I still have a back-up copy in the cloud.

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Roxana Rae
But I think if you delete something from your computer it will also delete in backblaze. It’s just a syncing system not a storage drive. Just keep that in mind.
Asael Baez
Save them into YouTube, BOOM!
Steve Nicholson
Hey Tim and team, I know this is an old video but do you still recommend this? Thanks!
Valerie Kathmann
Ok I have a question .so save the entire edited video ? I don’t know how I would use part of a video ? Is that possible if I needed a clip (prob won’t to often lol )
Valerie Kathmann
This is what I need to know cause it’s getting crazy since I started YouTube
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
But you have to pay
Hi Tim, can you do a video on storage for those of us recording/editing videos on our iPhones? I have 50GB in the Cloud, but I am not really sure if my videos are being sent to my cloud and how I can access them? My phone has great memory, but I always get a warning screen for my longer videos (I red somewhere that your phone needs to have double the storage of the video in order to save it??) I would like to erase raw and final videos from my phoe, but still keep the footage (I use raw footage for blooper reels). Thank you!
Sherry Wilson
Thank you so much. This was very helpful. I love the BackBlaze storage. I recently purchased my second Seagate 2T EXHD. I think I am going to end up buying a lot of hard drives if I do not find another way. Love EXT HDs but it will get pricy. Thanks this helped me out a lot.
Tara Rauen
*Hello! Does anyone know how to put kinemaster editor videos from my phone on a usb drive? I have tried emailing them, google photos...but those won't let me save to my computer. Thanks!*
Thank you for this video. I personally use external hard drives as well, but lately I've heard some horror stories of hard drives malfunctioning after 5 or so years. ICloud storage has been on my mind, but I worry about hackers. I don't know....I guess online storage seems like a good option.
The ADS Agency
This is super helpful - I've been wondering what to do because now with basically 50 videos, I'm running out of space on my computer. I thought about putting it on DropBox but video files are so huge....I originally paid for an upgraded DropBox for photos since I'm in marketing / branding, but I never anticipated having to do videos (wasn't in my plan ever until this past year). It's also good to know that you don't save your raw footage. I thought I might need to in the future in case I super hate my editing work a year from now (very likely) and wanted to sample something from a past video sans graphics, etc. But I've been deleting raw files since I've had storage issues. In any case - thanks for sharing what you do Tim.
Tj Nickles
tapes and discs is the best
Discover Yourself With The Messenger
You're Awesome Bro! Thank you...
Video backup for the home user? Create a private channel on YouTube, and dump them there. If you don’t mind the slight compression degradation. It’s also FREE.
Teacher of Things
I keep all of my videos on a flash drive. No backups. No redundancy. Just Cats!
Sobers Chatterjee
So where does Cloud storage store these files? Or what is a logical pool?
Does google drive throttle my upload speeds?
Kimberly Yarbough
Thanks for the backup tip. I didn't know what the best method for storing videos was.
Papi Chulomin
Is it hard drive?
Is it DVD?
is it ... MEOW
The Reviewologists
Is there any FREE cloud storage that has A LOT of space ?
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The Best Way to Manage Files and Folders The Best Backup Options for Saving 1 day ago   05:29

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