The Economics Of Stripping At The Super Bowl F.E.D.S. | Inside The Unofficial Newsletter 2 days ago   08:51

The city of Atlanta is gearing up to host Sunday’s big game, which is set to bring in some $205 million. One industry, in particular, is sure to bring in an ample supply of single dollar bills.

The local adult entertainment industry, already lucrative, is welcoming the Super Bowl coming to town.

The strippers we spoke to told us they hope to be able to pay off all of their debt after the game. “And then I want to be able to sit there with some more money leftover like ‘OK, let’s get some lobster and shrimp, baby,’” a dancer who goes by the name Nunu told us.

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“As soon as you get off the highway the first thing that you see off of I-20 is Magic City to the right and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to your left,”
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Stop coming to Atl to get saved we mf full 🙄
My city lit period 😝
What a shame. Smfh. Selling ya soul to live in a broke down busted ass apartment with three kids. Lmfao.
"caution this video contains graphic content" No shit, its a video about stripping
Buss down totiana
Tiara Sanderson
She gotta becareful. Buying and reselling BIC lights is strickly illegal under Federal Law. Plus, she can receive a civil conviction or audit by the IRS. She can find herself in Federal Court if she ain't careful. It is illegal to put your photo on someone else product
ddark lightt
I thought YouTube was family friendly?????
I don't think there was a single color other than black; talk about racist shit but this certainly is.
FNO windex
2:55 got me deddd
Cool Breeze
Juicy is older and has three children. I find it hard to believe that anyone would pay two cents to see any part of her body.
Cranium perroz
I just wish more of these clubs were women owned. SO many men are reaping the most profits and using the women. Like if all those women saved their money and put it towards opening a club they would be way better off. People don’t pay for the slimy men they pay for the beautiful women.
kids was doing fortnite dances ily
Suntu Ngum
People from the glob hehehehehe Americans are funny, only u guys watch this super bowl shit!!
Chaycee Loulou
stripping in canada is soooooooooo different. i make 1k on a normal monday and tuesday...
Radovan Zivkovic
They gonna snort all their money lol
Gazelle Countryside
People across America my friend! The world does care about American hand ball........only the beautiful game of football aka soccer shake the world.
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F.E.D.S. | Inside The Unofficial Newsletter The Economics Of Stripping At The Super Bowl 2 days ago   09:18

F.E.D.S. Magazine doesn’t offer subscriptions. It has no website or social media presence. You can’t find it at Barnes & Noble. But if you’ve lived in many of America’s poor, urban areas or been entangled in its penal system, you’re more than likely familiar with the publication. Its reputation for raw, authentic coverage of the criminal fringe has made it a staple in US prisons.

F.E.D.S. — an acronym for Finally Every Dimension of the Streets — has been owned and operated by Antoine Clark for 18 years. Antoine doesn’t just run the magazine’s business operations, he writes many of the stories. Recently he took VICE News behind the scenes as he worked on the forthcoming issue — from the thrills of riding alongside the Go Hard Boyz motorcycle club to photographing women for the “Sweets” section.

Crime may be the magazine’s main focus, but Antoine believes F.E.D.S. can actually help keep its audience out of the criminal justice system by encouraging reading and literacy — which have been proven to lower incarceration rates.

“Some people’s gonna take caution from it, some people’s gonna take glory from it,” Antoine said.

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