The Long, Painful Legacy Of Blackface Afghans Are Facing The Deadliest Taliban 1 day ago   02:38

Ralph Northam is still the governor of Virginia—for now. But he’s facing increasing pressure to resign after a conservative media site unearthed a photo of a man in blackface on Northam’s page in a 1984 medical school yearbook.

Northam insists it isn’t him in the photo. And the New York Times today reported that a group of his medical school classmates is standing behind him. “We fully believe Governor Ralph Northam is neither of the individuals in those repugnant costumes,” they wrote in a letter. “We attended classes with the Governor. We socialized with him. We knew him very well.”

But even if Northam can prove he isn’t in the photo, there’s another problem: In a press conference on Saturday, Northam admitted he had “darkened” his face for fun around the same time. “That same year, I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume,” he said. “I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that.”

Northam may not have understood that “harmful legacy” back in the 80’s—plenty of people didn’t. In fact, many still don’t understand it now.

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the dude
Who else finds blackfaces terrifying?
Barack Yobama
Black face baby
Super Talkxic
I didn't even know Blackface existed. Thanks for holding on to your anger and reviving Blackface just so you can then bring it back to the 21st century in order to perpetuate hate toward me and other innocent people who were never racist in their lives. It's unfortunate that you feel we need to pay for what other people did by trying to link us to them solely by skin color. You do know what that makes you right? Also, you want to know what is actually happening now? You want to know what I hear more often than Blackface? Trump's Orange face. Proof that most blacks today have become that very thing they used to despise.
• Ordinary brook •
Ok so everyone is caring about the moonwalk and not the fact about the racism....

Illogical Logical
0:12 This man seems familiar...
Spiriting Tenn
Let’s just remember it’s the democrats that did/do this.
FireSlayer 05
Look I’m not black but seeing this is just so like offensive because just wonder what black people back in the day and now have to go through. Like this if you’re not racist.
G Dd
Eyes, mouth, skin tone, skin smearing generation character comedy performance great.
Eugen Filippov
And what about the negros are not happy?
yawn zzzzzz
Its called COMEDY! something snow flakes wont understand
Jose Ortiz
So white's can't act like black's but black's can act like "WHITE" CHICKS and talk in a mimicking way in stand up? I never got to see black face but I would imagine it was done in a comedic way just like the movie WHITE CHICKS. Part two is coming soon
Running lion
i still didnt get why black people get offended if someone paints their face black
Androgynous 14u
The moon walk? I've always just thought of that, be it a black, white or any other origin of person, as a VERY impressive form of dance by an even more impressive entertainer. Am I wrong in thinking that white people performing the moon walk, to me, originally by Michael Jackson, soley as a form of pure entertainment? Honest question.
Kelsey Petty
Blackface is not funny!!!! It hurts me seeing how non blacks see us!!!! We are not monkeys, clowns, or stupid.!! We are very smart and caring!!!!
Pretty fly for a WiFi
Poor babies want a free meal.
Summer Reese
Wow, so many racist comments
Mickey D
"I know who i am! Im just a dude dressed up as a dude described as another dude" Tropic Thunder
Wong Elfski
How about the controversy about amazon selling blackface paint?

How about controversy over black face fetish parties?
Gary Hendricks
Any downgrading is wrong. Choose the high road. Just live impressive and carry no offenses.
This is what Yeshua Jesus did.
There is an eternity.......and it's a very long time.
Romans 10:9,10
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Afghans Are Facing The Deadliest Taliban The Long, Painful Legacy Of Blackface 1 day ago   23:03

After more than 16 years of war, Afghan civilians live each day under constant threat, as U.S. forces and the Afghan government struggle to secure the country.

Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the war since 2001, U.S. goals are far from within reach. Meanwhile, the Taliban has never been stronger, controlling more land than ever before and establishing footholds in nearly every province in Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump has vowed to undo some of the terror group’s grip on the country and force it back to the negotiating table. But his new strategy, which centers on thousands of additional U.S. troops and an intensification of airstrikes, has only just begun to produce gains.

The Taliban, facing renewed pressure, have increased terror attacks on major cities, striking at the heart of Kabul recently, in a series of devastating attacks that left hundreds of civilians dead in the span of a week.

VICE’s Ben Anderson travelled to Afghanistan in October 2016 as the Taliban were on the verge of retaking Helmand Province, once a crucial territory in the U.S. war. Reconnecting with families he’d visited years earlier, he saw just how little has been done to contain the Taliban’s influence across the country’s rural landscape, and the challenges that await Afghan and U.S. forces.

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