Is it anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and pro-Israeli Lawmaker is questioned about controversial 2 days ago   01:08

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Ilhan Omar's tweet criticising pro-Israeli lobbies in the US set off claims of anti-Semitism from some US politicians. #Ilhan #Omar #AIPAC

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so everyone who is against Bernie Sanders is an anti-semite too? because how dare you criticize him?!, he is a jew ¯\_(シ)_/¯
or maybe stop the fake anti-semitism scandal because Israel ≠ Judaism and even if it was, why hate against China, Cuba, North Korea or Iran is ok?
Matthew Wells
Is it islamaphobic to criticize the government of Somalia paying a US lobbying firm (Sonoran Policy Group) $400,000 to lobby US Congress to renew funding for the country's army ?
It is not only money that makes American politicians do what Israel wants

It is also blackmail

Everyone seems to forget that Bill Clinton was being blackmailed for at least 2 years by Israel and that they were the ones who outed him and Monica Lewinsky because he wouldn't do what they told him to do what they ordered him to do

Israel runs the world and anybody who doesn't see that isn't paying attention

I'm not judging whether that's good or bad I'm just stating the fact

And I found the actual comments and the press conference that Omar did and they had turned off her microphone so it was a little hard to hear I had to boost the audio but aside from the benjamins comment there was nothing anti-semitic and even the Benjamin comment is not anti-Semitic

The fact that American politicians in leaders have to pledge allegiance to Israel is deeply deeply disturbing

imagine if another country say Russia required every single politician in the United States in not only the federal offices but in the state and local offices as well to pledge allegiance to Russia and the Russian government and Russian interests

How comfortable do you think Americans would be with that ?

but when it comes to Israel most people are fine with it or at least don't speak up for fear of being labeled a racist

no American politician or reader should ever pledge allegiance to any country other than America for any reason

This is just common sense not anti-semitism
Kara Kim
There are Americans losing their jobs for boycotting Israel with their hard earned and TAXED money. Thats freedom of speech and that is what she is talking about when she says we shouldn't be loyal to another government before our country. We are allowed to boycott everything..... But Israel? That makes NO sense.
Marcelline Choisne
thats very Strange if its a coincidence! we have exactly the same question here in France last days.. it is anti semitism if you critiscize israel ..answer? YES! and now in France, antisionism can drive you in jail!
Interesting that with all the corruption, cronyism and lobbying in D.C. this "moderate Muslim" goes right for the throat of the Jewish lobby, FIRST.
Rima El Ayoubi
I m an anti semetic semite😂😂😂
Simply Human
We need to do more than criticize the Israeli and Zionist acts. We need to STOP SENDING ISRAEL $18 Billion EVERY YEAR. WE NEED TO OUTLAW DUAL CITIZENS FROM HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE. Repeal the Anti-BDS bill passed by senate.
Simply Human
Stop using that worn out, overused, meaningless term to suppress free speech, and fair and accurate criticism. FYI, Semites include Muslims. In fact there are more than 50 times more non-jews who speak Semitic Languages.
Suz Q
She replied to a Tweet asking who was **paying** the US to be pro-Israel with: "AIPAC!"

It's called a's implying that the only real reason we're Allies with Israel is "all about the Benjamins"...

If she were Jewish, it might be acceptable, but she's a Muslim congresswoman who wears a headscarf - one who's family fled here from Somalia or somewhere as refugees. She's obviously not oppressed here.

Why go after Israel, our sister country and closest Ally in the region? Attacking Saudi I can understand, but even then, they're no worse than Iran, and because of the clusterfck in the ME, have been an "enemy of my enemy" type of 'friend' out of necessity/desperation.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East...let's let that sink in and try to speculate as to why that is. I mean, they're definitely not perfect, but (post-Biblical) Israel hasn't even been around that long and is surrounded by hostile countries, yet it's still somehow a prosperous and democratic country. Besides Turkey being an outlier (due to its geographic proximity to Europe and several military interventions), none of these majority Muslim countries are democratic.

Why is that, congresswoman? It's almost as if there's a pattern where an Islamic majority population and secular democratic governments are incompatible.
Random Person
Durka Durka Mohammad Jihad!!
It is Pisslamaphobic to Say that Majority Of the Terrorist Groups In the world are Pisslamic or criticise Pisslamic States For Supporting Pisslamic Terrorist Groups And Attacks or Criticise Pisslam itself for Spreading Hate And Violence Against Minorities Living Across the World. But it’s is not Anti-Semitic to Attack And Spread Hate Against Jewish People And There Country Israel. Pisslams are The biggest Hypocrites in the world
Tariq Wright
AIPAC + Israel = Caucasian Jews, masquerading as Semites, while committing genocide against indigenous Semitic people (Palestinians).

"Wherever Europeans trod, death pursues the indigenous people."
... Charles Darwin
Zionism/Nazism= Terrorism= Anti-Semitism. Pro-Israel= Pro-terrorist👍 AIPAC& Israel= Terrorist& Anti-semitic& Anti-American👍 BDS= Most Semitic👍 Israel Lobbies in US= Anti-US👍👍
עם ישראל חי עם ישראל חי
Criticizing Israel is anti Semitic
Wonderful Mockingbird
without chopping-off heads of Americanpigs, it's a mission impossible.
lol idk
Cut your nails, Ilhan.
Mohammad Yeakub Ali
Boycott Israel and save humanity
shamik chakraborty
looks like someone didn't get a donation from (((them)))
Mohd Raheel Shams
Don't understand the hypocrisy of this world
One side there is killing and torturing of Palestinian community in which not only Muslims but Christians are also included are ignored and supported
But Even criticizing the evil and unhumanatarian act and move of there isreali evils is considered anti Semitic......
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Lawmaker is questioned about controversial Is it anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and pro-Israeli 2 days ago   10:06

The first Somali-American elected to Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), was pressed on her controversial tweets regarding Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Israel. #CNN #News

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