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Yes. We know.

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Mr. Plinkett superior. Captain Marvel inferior.
Just Iron
Now that I think of it why didn't they paint her skin blue? The more brown/ tan it get the more of her humanity she would have got it back. Plus she's still a intergalactic warcriminal and she never apologies.
The black guy with the blue eyes. So much easier than pretending you weren't thinking about that.
Bumble Bee
Now hating both comic and MCU Captain Marvel :D
People of colour!!! You mean black people? Brie
What’s all this forced feminism bullshit, and woman of colour shite???
Look man, nobody gives a toss Brie
Robert Tauzer
"I thought the movie was adequate, and then I've watched a clip of Brie Larsen speaking, and now I hate the movie" - Mike. Pretty much Mike, pretty much.
being a feminist just means your better than everybody else
Michael Caracciolo
you guys are wrong. captain marvel definitely had a character arc. she learned that her real super power... is standing up
Stop trying to be diplomatic: leftists have become completely unhinged cunts.
Erik Moe
Mike's alternate script for Captain Marvel:

"I want to bring along my friend... black lady!"
macro deth
This is why I left Wisconsin 38:01
Raif Nation
15:52 Jay is referencing TheQuartering
tatakai no kaizen
>film criticism is the least important thing in the world.
i think you are underestimating the power that media has when influencing the behavior of the people who watch it.

proper critique is what holds back nonsense, so being able to think critically and analyze what you are consuming (whether it is real or staged) is very important.
Hazen Lux
JoosH orsumbuddy
2.6K eggs in Brie Larson's ovaries disliked this video.
No One Of Consequence
I think it's damned decent of you guys to deep deep and try and find something redeeming about this film.

Don't feel bad. Failure builds character.

(Apparently Brie Larson can't build a character, but that's a whole other thing.)
heh heh fat funny man make a face
Ace Manington
Fuck Captain Marble and her feminineisms, she gave me gonorrhea of the brain.
P. B Amygdala
...So your water has more alcohol than your beer?
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Best of the Worst: Christmas or Cats Half in the Bag: Captain Marvel 2 days ago   54:35

Merry Cat-mas, friends! To celebrate the holiday, the group watches movies that may be either terrible Christmas films or terrible films about cats. Or maybe both! Ho Ho Ho!

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