The Impossible Hulk - SNL Throwback! "The Daywalker" - Trevor 1 day ago   03:26

Saturday Night Live
After being hit by gamma radiation in a failed experiment, Dr. Bruce Banner (Idris Elba) transforms into an emboldened white lady (Cecily Strong) whenever he is threatened.

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Mysterious Gaijin
One of the best snl sketches of all time
Irene Otunla
Same energy with Leslie's inner white girl skit
PJ Pointer
Chris Redd threatening Idris Alba? Suicide
So that's the typical entitled
Karen that demands manager and calls the police any moment possible 😂
Rat Dad
Thanos: "I am inevitable.."

The impossible hulk: "NO no, Stop touching me im GETTING THE *MANAGER* no no stop stop stOp go go I want you name where you live I Will DESTORY YOUR BLOODLINE
Eclipse Z
Best. Superpower. Ever.
I'm glad they cut the part where she called the police and accused the guy of rape. That was really in questionable taste.
W5 Chu
Even thanos won’t deal with this shit
I see this every day privileged suburban white women especially who think the world resolves around them. This is so truthful.
Minh đỗ
Feel like I seen that white woman before
Hanna Jean
could've done black lady. that would just turn into someone yelling at you clapping their hands, cursing and wanting to fist fight.
Michael Rogers
I actually want a froyo
Gene Willis
She is amazing! LMAO.
More like Jekyll and Hyde
Tiwgle Toes
The last part has me dead as fuck hahaha
Hector Arredondo
I should have wrote this before Endgame premiered but o well
So is the Impossible Hulk the key to defeating thanos
Macht Nichts Sei Mann
When the Left eats itself. Lol. Either ballsy or blind of SNL to do this. Still funny.
I like how this subtly mocks feminism.
Gavin Tica CLIPS
Should’ve put her against thanos
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Throwback! "The Daywalker" - Trevor The Impossible Hulk - SNL 1 day ago   07:57

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