The Bounty Hunters Catching Pythons Snake Hunters Descend On Florida 1 day ago   05:38

The Everglades in Florida are plagued with dozens of invasive species, top among them is the Burmese Python. A pet sold in stores throughout the US, when it gets too big or too old for its owner it typically gets released into the wild. When this happens in Florida, where the Everglades tall grasses are identical to Southeast Asia, the animal thrives, breeding in huge numbers and eating whatever it wants thanks to a complete absence of natural predators. On the heels of a viral video showing a burmese python wrestling and killing an alligator, the director of the South Florida Water Management District launched a program to hunt snakes throughout his district.

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Pythons threaten the Everglades' ecosystem, so in a very Florida move, the state has sent snake bounty hunters out to capture them.
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kewl malibu
Hide in the weeds. When the snake comes to eat you, let it swallow you then cut its belly open. Problem solved.
Kody Richardson
Should relocate the snake wtf yall are wack!
George Cass
Why don't they put a bounty on them and wipe them out
I know u don't give a shit about the Everglades...its the skin your after...
I blame pet smart
Machiavelli Magellan
You people are so stupid. It's obvious the snakes keep swimming over from Cuba. You'll never get rid of them. Wow and I thought I was dumb, geezus.
christopher snedeker
4:38 but wouldn't that create incentive to let small pythons go until they get bigger?
Kill them all !
Andrew Villanueva
Make some boots now.
stin stinson
Florida will have to introduce Jaguars or leopards to eat the pythons
Python steaks? Are they good to eat?
Cubby Wilson
If you think about it everything's an invasion species whenever its time its time for everything
ive played so much metal gear solid 3 i get hungry watching this
Jess Reinhardt
It's unfortunate, but when it comes to invasive species we're the ones that started the problem and threw things out of whack. We're responsible for fixing it. If you are upset about the culling of invasive species (and trust me, I know it's sad), keep in mind that by reducing the invasive population you are saving many native species.
Jake Rogers
25 people? Come one let’s have a Python hunting week in the Everglades and save the wild life down there!!! I’ll volunteer!
I am going to struggle to eat for a week
Hot Box _SB
There there to stay now
jermaine 86
I would save as many endangered species as possible then set the Everglades on 🔥 n start all over
Florida Hotboy
I was kinda sad to see they killed the snake but thy will must be done. There’s 1000’s more to go
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Snake Hunters Descend On Florida The Bounty Hunters Catching Pythons 1 day ago   11:09

We follow two hunters as they compete to capture and kill the most Burmese pythons around Everglades National Park. Not only could they win $8,000—they’re also helping to rid the park’s ecosystem of the invasive and dangerous animal.
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Snake Hunters Descend On Florida For The Python Challenge | NBC News

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