The Bounty Hunters Catching Pythons Underground Street Racers (Smoke 1 day ago   05:38

The Everglades in Florida are plagued with dozens of invasive species, top among them is the Burmese Python. A pet sold in stores throughout the US, when it gets too big or too old for its owner it typically gets released into the wild. When this happens in Florida, where the Everglades tall grasses are identical to Southeast Asia, the animal thrives, breeding in huge numbers and eating whatever it wants thanks to a complete absence of natural predators. On the heels of a viral video showing a burmese python wrestling and killing an alligator, the director of the South Florida Water Management District launched a program to hunt snakes throughout his district.

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Pythons threaten the Everglades' ecosystem, so in a very Florida move, the state has sent snake bounty hunters out to capture them.
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I’m surprised peta not all over this 😭😭😭
Neil Sangte
Poor America many problems
Arthur Morgan
Toss a fucking grenade down the snake holes
LMFAO they need to shoot it
if I found this shit kill straight
BillyBrains Folse!
Hopefully y’all keep the skin
Drayah Stokes
Kill em all!!!
He has a retreating flag on his arm if he that stupid I am not watching his video
Robert Blunt false arrest
That's good awesome capture get rid of these snakes before you have nothing in the Everglades except for pythons
I thought he said "Oh, it's a big shit, man!"
Tell the asians they are endangered and they have healing powers
Sherah Stevens
No No No...... Just ship them to kenya Half of our is designated to wild animals we treasure and Love them too.... We wouldn't kill them like that 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Humans are kings of the jungle . . . and the Everglades. Don't rile the upright two-legged creatures.
John Carpenter
Seems the python is out of control. Malaysian python hunters are hurting so why not bring them over here. They supply the trade that needs the skins; Malaysian pythons are well "under control" so the hunters are looking for places that have python problems, like Florida.
Scott Zipperer
Not thousands I'm not buying this I bred Burmese pythons and Retics for years and they just don't do well in winter
ethan long
also wearing a backwards flag smh
Mudcat Jones
Real Smart! Having a shed full of invasive animals in a hurricane zone. Plus people letting them go rather than calling someone to take them. Why in the hell did they get them in the first place? People do the dumbest things.
B.A. Pauley
Party crashin at it's finest
joshua tamayo
Sometimes we just have to remind these things that we’re the ones on top of the food chain
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Underground Street Racers (Smoke The Bounty Hunters Catching Pythons 1 day ago   18:18

In the first episode of Smoke Show (watch episode 2 here:, VICE follows a group of organized street racers in the suburbs of Toronto.

Instead of racing on closed tracks like most in the local car community, these underground racers spark controversy by choosing to race illegally in the maze of industrial roads around the airport because commercial flight paths make it impossible for police helicopters to fly.

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