BEGINNER FISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM Tea Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive 1 day ago   08:52

The king of DIY
Today we add the fish to the aquarium!

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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Comments 1296 Comments

Love this! Edit: been watching you since I was 12! Love your videos and you inspired me to get my own tank which I love! I am now studying freshwater biology among other modules at university, THANK YOU!
Wilson DeLoach
Will a 250 gallon tank be big enough for my pacu
Kei Szabo
U need banded kuhli loaches there fun to keep
Fish Nstuff
Can anyone watch mu vid and tell me if my betta has dropsy
If you're going to do a live bearer tank, please include Endlers livebearers, they're a beautiful fish that gets nowhere as much attention as they deserve.
James Shepherd
Please do a livebearer tank with mutt guppies! Mix in some nice guppy fish and see what happens.
Mr Banana
brisles cat fish
Eva Maxwell
How about a dwarf rainbow fish tank?
Scott Campbell
Odessa barb?
Scott Campbell
Did u buy the puffer for the lion Fish? Another salt tank in the gallery?
Scott Campbell
Next topic on your weekly video?
Mozammel Hossain
What happened to the salt water aquarium
Wendy Zelaya
Ur not supposed to put all the fish in at once, ur supposed put 1 or 2 every couple weeks
Bobby Manderfield
The king of DIY, have you ever considered getting any type of eels, mainly freshwater? They are my favorite type of aquatic pet.
Jacob Mcvea
Great video mate, just wondering if anyone could help me, what do you think a 150 cm barramundi can go well any other predator fish in a salt water tank been looking online for ages. Cheers
PRO fish scaper EDWARDS
Hey Joey you should make a video on bettas
Akkiah Davison
There are so many beautiful platys, I would love to see them featured on your channel :) was pleasantly surprised with the choice of Barb's! I always wonder why I never see them highlighted.
I thought this was going to be a community tank
Bernie Sim
May I know the thickness of glass for your tanks for 4 ft x 2ft x 2ft? what size of your biological Ball? 22mm?
Ruby Linfield
Hey Joey you should do a tank of Glow fish.
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Tea Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive BEGINNER FISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM 1 day ago   16:08

In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges tea expert Emeric Harney of Harney & Sons to guess which one of two teas is more expensive. Emeric breaks down five in total before making his guesses!

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Tea Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Tea | Price Points | Epicurious

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