Turbo Shopping Go Kart RIPS! Unbelievable Go Kart Engine Swaps 2 days ago   17:15

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Comments 1305 Comments

jorge Reveron
Amy update on the go cart? 🛒
@Boostedboiz where can i get the aftermarket ecu ? =)
have you thought about putting an alternator on it so you don't have to always charge your battery after a few rips, thats what build break repeat did and cars and cameras did as well, just a thought so you don't have to worry about killing your battery.
GG 397
make supecharged shopping kart
Bro this would be dope dope after a good crazy colored powder coat
You should put a shopping kart back handle bar as arear spoiler
Dark Jakket
Boosted boiz! Is the speed limited by gearing and stability ( too much torque to keep going hard so it always lifts the front wheels up )
Craig Ritter
That is so rad!!
Jim Rowlings
Try gaping you rings or get a set to do that and maybe some porting
Chad Varnell
Look how much darker the oil got by the end of the video!
sean bragg
Jetski injection may have some better results
Rui Kazane
How about using a Honda motorcycle engine to enhance that output? No VTEC though.
Catsby McYifferson
Use non ethanol gas
micah Lawton
Come on! Another one! It’s been a week now
Mannie Hatton
Needs better sprocket ratios I reckon. Could get heaps more top end
JJ Sorenavki
Time for Kyle to get a cheap Shifter Kart, With a CR500 2stroke turbo that bish XD
Jayden Van Ness
Switch to like a 450 or 400 motor. Something name brand so you can put a strong bottom end in it and make more boost
I don't think the motor is going to take much because it has really poor cooling. For example look at how they place kart motors in the air-stream. I mean it's OK for 5 minutes or whatever but if you really want to be able to run it then it's going to need better cooling.
Jacob Timmers
Why would you not just flip the switch and have it balance afr on its own, thats literally the entire purpose of efi
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Unbelievable Go Kart Engine Swaps Turbo Shopping Go Kart RIPS! 2 days ago   08:45

Who doesn't love the feeling of wind passing through your hair while driving a homemade go kart with an absolutely insane engine? In this video i've put together the best go kart engine swaps for those of you who love insane engine go karts and speed!

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All credits go to the sources featured below!

- Go Kart Nicks Build
by: Nick Bojko

- Gokart kawasaki ninja zx6r 600
by: Aleksander Kowol

- Electric Go Kart goes wild 128HP
by: EV-Fun

- Kart com motor de Yamaha R1 de 1000cc da Equipe Só Zerinho Moto Show na Expomotors Mircamp 2014
by: Maurício Marques

Super Kart Turbo
by: Fabiana Guerreiro de Carvalho

Chuck Graves Insane Yamaha R6 Go-Kart
by: GravesMotorsports

How-To build a Super Fast Gokart DIY Plans
by: Barrett Snow

- "monsterkart" "suzuki gsxr 750" "crazykarts" "kart" "Go-Kart" "rennkart"
by: ferdelrs4

- kart 1000cc
by: andrea tirrito

by: Anthony Barisic

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