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Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
Look at these images, do you know what we are looking at?
Exactly! They are angles! And today, we are going to learn many things about them.

An angle is the space between two intersecting lines or surfaces that emerge from the same point called vertex.
If you look around, we are surrounded by angles, like the ones a clock’s handles or an ice-cream cone makes.

The unit of measure of the angles is the degree, and the most important angle of all, is this one… it’s called a right angle and it measures 90 degrees. The tiny zero you can see on the right upper part of the number 90 is the symbol that represents all angles.

We say that a right angle is the most important one because it is the one that is used to compare all of the other angles.

The angles that are smaller than a right angle are called acute angles, and they measure less than 90 degrees. like… all of these…

And the angles that are bigger than a right angle are called obtuse angles and measure more than 90 degrees… like all of these…

To know the degrees that an angle measures, we need to use this instrument… which is called a protractor.

So, to know the degrees that an angle measures, we need to place the straight part of the protractor over one of the sides of the angle, making the vertex and the central point of the protractor meet. After this, we need to look at the protractor line that coincides with the other side of the angle and look at what number it says. These are the degrees that this angle measures. Easy peasy huh?

Let’s practice! We said that a right angle is 90 degrees… Let’s see… We’ll get the protractor and… Indeed! a right angle is 90 degrees, we haven’t fooled you huh?

Now let’s measure this angle, let’s see how much it measures. 45 degrees! it’s an acute angle, because it is smaller than a right angle.

And now, we’re going to check out how much this other angle measures… It measures 120 degrees, of course! it’s an obtuse angle because it measures more than 90 degrees.

Imagine that instead of it being 120 degrees it measures… 180! Do you know what this angle is called? Well it’s called a straight angle.

Hey! and what about if it measures 360 degrees?
Well that’s a complete or full angle, it’s complete as can be. A circumference measures 360 degrees. What a discovery!!!

Measuring angles is easy peasy… and fun! Don’t you think?

Bye friends! And don’t forget to suscribe to Happy Learning Tv!

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iMattG7 -_-
My little sister is struggling with education and this helps her a lot. She likes this channel because it's fun to watch, intriguing and really helpful for her! Keep up the good work! ツ
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Speaking Story | 50 minutes Kids Angles: measuring angles and their 2 days ago   50:15

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