Basic Army Training At Fort [Shark Attack] Alpha 787 MP BN Class 1 day ago   04:13

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Video shows Basic Army Training at Fort Benning in a nutshell. From recruit to soldier.

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Credits: SPC Charles Gilbert, Edited by Shantika Ogltree

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D co 1-19 Infantry FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!
jose serrano
So they already accept females?
Demon Lord Kaiser
No women in ghost troop . Harmony Church Cav Scout.
DreadSire Flagging like a mother fucker. Had I done that shit in 99' My Drill would have made sure I had a range accident and I'd not me here to bitch about this video.
Barb Gakin
My brothers in fort benning and he says he HATES it IM SO FUCKING SAD RN
Berry Stapp
This is embarrassing ..
Matt Jenkins
Was here fairly recently and there were no women..we had the old uniforms too
Ur mum be gay And eating super hotly
My brother was here
Daniel Greenwell
You have the right to know what happens to your loved ones while in bootcamp! And what type of leaders the Army provides for your loved ones!

Sexual Harassment

During White Phase for Alpha company 119 during last formation Drill Sergeant Guzman stood on top of the CQ desk and ordered all of the company to grab themselves. Many of the privates obeyed the command, but many did not. Drill Sergeant Guzman repeated her command Several times to the privates noticing that many where not obeying her command. Drill Sergeant Stewart then said do it, do as she says privates. After Drill Sergeant Stewart said this even more privates obeyed the order to touch themselves. The company is made of females and males. However still some of the privates chose to disobey the order. I was among those few. When this was happening, I was troubled and disgusted with the orders and the leadership. I then later contacted Sharp about the incident. And sharp began an investigation on the matter.
Part of the investigation was talking to a random of 12 privates out of the 180 sexually harassed. They where questioned on if what I had said was true or not with my complaint. The army said they felt that the sexual harassment in this case was not that serious. The two drill sergeants continued to be drill sergeants for the remainder of the training. And from what I assume are still considered drill sergeants at this time. This all happened during white phase of training, around May 30, 2018 is estimated time. However, I’m sure the Army knows the exact date this all happened.

Mistreatment of non-trainees/Harassment
1. Non-Trainees where not permitted to go to the concert, or have family day.
2. Some non-trainers are kept from going home for 7 weeks or longer.
3. Non-trainers have to walk in the back of the lines.
4. Drill Sergeants have told non-trainers to turn around while the company was in formation. Drill Sergeant Miller said he didn’t want to look at their faces.
5. Because of the disrespectfulness and unprofessionalism some of the drill sergeants have towards non-trainers, the trainees follow the example of the drill sergeants. Creating a more aggressive disrespectful environment between trainees and non-trainees.
6. Drill Sergeants have told non-trainees that they were going to kill them.
7. Non-trainees are not allowed to call their families while the trainees are.
8. Trainees would be told not to talk to the quitters/non-trainers.
9. Some non-trainees cannot have a protein bar at last formation.
10. Non-trainees would be degraded, and embarrassed in front of the entire company.
11. Non-Trainers are forced at times to do two fire guard shifts in one night. While the trainees would do just one shift.
Just because a trainee quits in basic training dos not mean they are dishonorable. The Army/life style is not for everyone. Some people choose to as least try the Army out, and this is honorable in its self. Those who do quit should not be shamed, put down, or degraded. When this happens, this is only bringing shame upon the Army for being unprofessional, and inconsiderate of others circumstances. I’ve noticed this to be a very big issue with in Alpha company 119. And this behavior among the Amy Leadership is unacceptable. And it should be unacceptable with the Army if it truly believes in its (Army Values).
During the sexual harassment investigation of Alpha company 119, I believe it was a lieutenant doing the investigation asked me when it happened. I was honest and told him I was not sure exactly the time and date. He then said he already new exactly when it all had happened. He then told me about if I was lying about the complaint I had made that their where serious consequences.
The fact that he knew exactly when this all had happened indicates that he knew that what I was telling him was true. And he was simply trying to intimidate me to back out of my complaint to protect the two drill sergeants and Alpha company 119 despite their wrong doings.
I then later requested a lawyer from my first sergeant Brady. He asked me why I wanted to speak to a lawyer? I then gave him a letter about the mistreatment/Harassment of the non-trainees. He read over the letter and explained to me why things where the way they are. And he justified the mistreatment of the non-trainees. I was troubled that any leader would justify this kind of behavior. I also told him that I wanted to talk to a lawyer about the sexual harassment also. This was so I could no all my rights and options. He then told me that he would contact jag and a lawyer would be provided for me.
With in a week Drill Sergeant Amadi came to me showing a paper that I had signed as a non-trainee. The form said “I (my initials) waive consulting counsel and representation by military counsel and /or civilian counsel at no expense to the Government”. Drill Sergeant Amadi explained to me that I had waived my right to a lawyer according to what this form said. However, the form actually means that the government was not required to pay for my lawyer if I asked for one.
I believe the drill sergeant and first sergeant new this was the case. But had hoped that I would not realize what rights I had, and had not given up. The first sergeant would have been apart of the investigation. And drill sergeant Amadi’s friends and perhaps her self would have also. I was never given a lawyer. And so, my constitutional right to a lawyer was withheld from me.
The investigation of the sexual harassment is over. However, there seemed to be very little consequence for their behavior. Drill Sergeant Guzman and Stewart are still drill sergeants to Alpha company 119 at this moment despite what they did to the entire company of around 180 privates. There was no questioning of the privates on how they felt about the drill sergeants remaining in alpha company 119 despite their inappropriate actions towards the privates. This shows the Army takes little to no consideration of the private’s feelings on the matter.
One of the Army’s top priorities should be to preserve the Army’s good name. It is my Sincere desire that this letter will inspire change within the company Alpha 119 at this time, and the future.

Alpha Company 119 Fort Benning 198th Brigade
Princesa Villa
Most civilian men talk like they are a solider 😂😂😂 One infantry female solider could kill a civilian man without her gear/weapon.
Zakhar Artemiev
I have been the first Russian on the Fort Benning soil. Do you Americans know who is your best and strongest ally? Stop saying bad about Russia, your only ally. I served for you. Glory to the Big Red One.
Fred Rebeles
Is that heat cav five?! And no IOTV? That’s too easy
Hunter Graciano
Look at those pogs 😂
Grant Harris
Holy crap they had blanks that didn’t jam after every shot
Luis Ayala
Are they using blanks? They have a cap on the barrel I’m confused
Right Wing Extremist
Women should not be serving with men. It destroys unit cohesion and lowers the standards. I went through as a grunt in 06 (all male) I'm now medically retired and 100% disabled from wounds in Iraq and Afghanistan, I lost great friends, women couldn't handle that trust me
2:37 "YEE-EE! Sorry Mommy!" LMAO I'M DYING
Wrath KO
There are women at Benning? I was at Sandhill, Alpha company Charlie Platoon 1-19 in 07. I did not see any women there, except maybe the women who were actually stationed there, not in basic. I thought Benning was an Infrantry basic training?
Im 16 and want to join the military after high school but i dont know if i should join the marines or army because army has like airborne and rangers and all that but the marines in my experience learn more discipline and respect but idk what to do
A Bit Of A Pickel
I leave in 1 month
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[Shark Attack] Alpha 787 MP BN Class Basic Army Training At Fort 1 day ago   09:51

Good Times.

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