Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Beenie man DISS chronic law & squash 1 day ago   14:18

Sky Sports Football

Jose Mourinho joined Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness in the studio for Manchester United's 4-0 win against Chelsea. Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville went on to have a heated disagreement over tactical set up.

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Man said aston villa was a small team 😭
Gar Sm
Sky has been a disaster for football.
Louis Kwakye
Souness out of his depth 😂
FAKE NEWS! Heated PhhhhhaaaaaA
Heron Cocoa
imagine 4 Ji Sung Park playing against your team... thats what hit Chelsea back 4 and Sky Sports pundits so hard it was shocking... they just don't know what hit them
Boyang Foo
Honestly , 2 kids (Jamie & Gary ) talking about football infront of a legend (mourinho)
Vadim Russobotov
Souness could batter the three of them
Vadim Russobotov
Manohar Rajan
4:45 Jose describing the bus
Mustafa Sharif
Carra is taking 5 mins to explain what Jose said in two sentences. JUST DON’T REPEAT after Jose, you will look stupid
stella bella
Neville stfu u Muppet!
Dummies of the week
Sky Sports:
Ivor Earley
Jose Mourinho & Arsene Wenger Analysed the Champions League final and it was fantastic!! To listen too
Two Amazing football minds that should be on the panel on sky Sports and if you need a third analyst deffo Graham Souness ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Wayne Henderson
ZERO heat..... I need to start reading comments before I watch these clips to see if it's true or not. They is more heat coming out my eyes now coz I was lied to then then carra n Neville
Lenny Barclay
Another jail bait header. What was heated about these two fairies.
That's why Barcelona were so good 6/7/8 years ago even when they lost the ball every player was fighting back instantaneously to get the ball back never gave the opposition a chance to breathe, and well them in offence well there's that also.
Scott Lee Clayton
Every time Mourinho says "compact block" think "park the bus"
Is Sky Sports REALLY so desperate for views they have to resort to click-bait titles for their videos?
Marching Giant
Jose is simply PHENOMENAL...
Marching Giant
An awkward silence in the room when Jose speaks and that differentiates a genius from an average...because he makes more sense than anybody else in the room, see one or two things ahead, had all the to the point answers to the problems and not to mention his humbleness too

But the angle that Neville wanted to put by saying almost all the teams are getting to the similar level of the top big clubs in terms of their efficiency as every other clubs is a very good point.
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Beenie man DISS chronic law & squash Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher 1 day ago   16:43

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