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Jeff Dunham
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Forget the Pewdiepie and T-Series feud, Peanut and I have put together a countdown of OUR most viewed videos of 2018! Grab your popcorn and let us know which one was your favorite!

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Melissa Volont
Subscribe and hit that bell icon if you haven't yet cause you don't want to miss any video from the funniest guy ever !
Frank Kovacs
Where the hell is Peanut's shoe?!
Faris Barnoussi
How to make these dolls please tell me
Faris Barnoussi
How to make these dolls please tell me
Pablo Bartelotte
Jeffafaa your the only ventriloquist I forget your a ventriloquist when I'm watching you. Your conversations are so seemless.
Jason Blayne
His first version of Bubba J looks a lot like a hairless ALF lol
Josè has the stick!😂😂💖
Spllitz The Pyro
Oh nice Jeff u had a mullet back in the day
The new Bubba is a huge improvement over the 1992 Bubba.☺
Old Bubba yelled a lot.
The newer version is funnier, too.
"This one band camp..." José Jalapeño😂
Yossi Mendelsohn
unbelievable crawl!!!!
Ed Melanson
Jeff Dunham you should create a wife for Walter 👍
simon may
The best puppet show entertainer ever to live, love ya Jeff.
FireMan 360
What happened to number 10?
Leeann Thompson
There is one that you did that really really bad towards women and I just want you to know I didn't like it supposed to lie about the chest comments on these some of these women just cuz they got big chest doesn't make them fake okay
Leeann Thompson
It's ok this one but some are real bad
Ben Patten
love the jokes scrolling on the bottom of the screen lol
Who I am Don't know
You're the best
Learn, Apply and Educate!
Peanut is so cute!
Dorth Surreal
I thought you had a picture of the Orange Fuckwit on your wall Jeff, I'm glad it's just one of your Dummy's.
Ryan Leroux
went to go see passivly agressive. you were hillarious! Good job!
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Jeff Dunham - An Evening at the Improv Jeff’s YouTube Rewind! Top 10 Videos 2 days ago   07:16

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America's longest running comedy television series and the originator of the stand up comedy television genre. An Evening at the Improv is a season ticket to see the brightest and funniest entertainers before they were famous, from the club that introduced a generation of new stars to stage, screen and television.

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Recorded in 1990.

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