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Under pressure from protesters, Sudan's military boss, Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf, has stepped down just a day after he was sworn in as the country's new leader after he refused to turn former President Omar al-Bashir from power over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity committed in Darfur. He has named his own successor, Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, and now demonstrators have again flooded the streets in protest of the interim military regime, which took over after forcing al-Bashir from power.

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Keep the CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE going, folks. Don't allow al-Bashir back and don't allow military juntas ---- more dictators ---- to take over. You should take risk right now, while the military junta hasn't consolidated power, when there's still some confusion... as to whether the junior officers would follow the top dictator's lead... make sure those guys at the top with shiny objects on their hats, shoulders, or chest don't get to rule.... turn to your local police and foot soldiers for help... they are closest to you, as they are your sons and daughters living among the people....
Charles Rudd
I Volunteered with Unicef on the Sudan Health Program in 1989 when Baschir made his Coup, promising a return to Civilian Rule wirhin 2 years.
30 years later he is finally stepping down, but his
Military Cronies are now running the ship.
He is still quietly ruling Sudan, in the background, though his mind may be Mentally Ill now after this 30 years of violence.
The current Military is making the same 2 year promise to turn Power over to the Civilian People.
Who in their right mind would really believe and trust them. Sadly, I see much more killing and suffering for Sudan, on the horizon.

And is South Sudan giving Justice to it's People?
Sadly I fear they are also commiting Genocide rather than Humbly and Justly developing South Sudan into a Positive, Humanitarian Country of Peace.
C. Charles Rudd
Global Relief Worker
From Canada.
Johannes Stevens
It is destine not to learn from there mistakes, yet they are Africa's clevers/brightest people...
Alla Soiko
No more dictatorship
It is going to be the same ... IQ AND RACE
Hussein Dousa
No one accepted him. It's all just media nonsense!! We're still on the streets demanding a civilian government immediately
samuel fitzpatrick
Idots! remove the govt what you expect to get. A military government lol jokes on you.
I want to say to our brothers and sisters fathers and mothers please don't make the same mistake like our beloved brothers and sisters in Egypt sisi took the power and look what he is doing now killing own people imprisoning ppl who dare to talk about his way of ruling. the army rules only with fire.
Faheem Ahmed Umrani
To my brother's and sisters in Sudan, may Allah SWT bless you and your country with peace and prosperity. From Pakistan.
just an person who will do exactly what feance tell him to do. he will keep you calm so france can take your money and everything you have
chf gbp
If there IS no Opposition politicians apart from those in the street and the street demands complete removal of today's power structure, then it s doomed.
Promit Moitra
Nice to see german news paying homage to The Who in their headlines 😁
Muntaz Issa
brothers and sisters i wish you all the best love from somaliland may Allah help you and give you peace
Desire La Belle
Abdul fatah works for Auf and he is also connected to the Bashir. Bashir is still hiding in the palace and he should be prosecuted asap ! There is very low chance for the government officials to end the regime and wont even care for the people new demands until the Sudanese people attack the president palace and remove the corrupted people in it including Bashir who is hiding there.
Maxamed Xasan
sudans people don`t distroy your cauntry, the peace is very important.
The opposition is making more demands than when they started out with...can't even keep up with them.
Ron Nie
Their copying Thailand.
Muhammad Muhammad
الھم احفط سودان تحیہ السودان الی باکستان
MthaX TV
Do not make Zimbabwes mistake of letting the amry rule
Alexis Sayegh
Yes it’s the same boss controlling from a distant :)
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Sudan Military Takeover: Sudan's Sudan protests: Is the new boss the same 1 day ago   03:10

Sudan's military says it's seized power and arrested President Omar al Bashir. Defence Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf says he's taken charge of the country. The coup was announced after nearly four months of protests against Bashir's rule. The president's resignation is what many people were hoping for. But as Reagan Des Vignes reports, a military government isn't the alternative they want.

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