Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) RINGTONES Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 vs J6 2018 2 days ago   03:16

Just listen the Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) ringtones. Enjoy!

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عبدالله الشمري
احب احب😍😍
A J Aditya
If I select any one ringtone above mentioned after that it asking add at the top right then it is not changing the selected ringtone what I kept
roja sinuguluri
Company. Ring tone's. Kakonda. Manom add chisukonna ring tones ni yela Ring tone ga set chiyyale
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Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 vs J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) RINGTONES 2 days ago   11:29

Samsung spams the midrange Galaxy A6 2018 vs J6 2018 - Which is Better?
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