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Katie Vee

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Morten Birnbaum
wait?!... tom segura AND iliza shlesinger?
What is happening in this movie?
Darkest Argentum
the writer/director's kids who he and his wife adopted didn't understand why anyone would want to see a movie based on them caue they aren't interesting
Kasparkin 123
OML at 5:23 the dad is axl from the middle
Storm Arashi
I'll always associate that song with family love now. Forever.
Aydan Guzman
It’s pie you know I like pie
My aunt and uncle have adopted and raised a total of 24 children. Bless the pure hearts and good souls of the people who care for children of all ages.
J Colin Mizia
Is that Esteemed Character Actress Margo Martindale?
Ervin Andallo
Family has no boundaries nor color!!!
APO Productions
What a wholesome moment in a wholesome movie
AMAZING SCENES AND ENDINGS the saddest scene!dont cry though!
tim dorame
this movie is good does anyone know when or if it will be on hbo or showtime that teenage girl lizzy she hit it on the head i adopt kids who has been hurt my teenage daughter is like lizzy
Nelson Gonzalez
Jesus! Where did those onion ninjas come from? 😭
Kaleidoscope Kayley
*THIS* is why I want to adopt kids.
Joan Freaking Cusack !!!!
Cherylnicore BTS
The part of Isabela and the dad talking in spanish hurt my heart😭

Edward Kinsey
Mark Wahlberg is just a great actor
Mia Andreatta
Octavia Spencer is just wonderful in this movie, hilarious as always😂
Jimins infired jams
“Do you guys wanna come in?”


“I made a pie”


Rashaun Neville
“ l just have so many feelings “
A lovely and tearful ending to a cheesey family film but the reality of parental problems and child adoption is rarely, if ever, anything like this rosy. Such a shame because it SHOULD be like the movie.
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instant family - best scenes Instant Family - Ending 1 day ago   07:43

A couple find themselves in over their heads when they foster three children.

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