Duck Dynasty: Leave it to Beavers The Best of Uncle Si 1 day ago   21:31

Duck Dynasty on A&E
It's duck blind maintenance time again and the boys have discovered the waterline is low, in Season 1, Episode 7, "Leave it to Beavers."


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joe bob
When he said burn em out, I got chills
Joseph Aulbaugh
I hope they blow 'em up!!!
Adam Mungarro
Look here beavers , hide ya wife’s , hide ya husbands , look here both of ya , hide ya kids , we coming for ya” Si
Elite JinX
12:13 Drake stole his lyrics confirmed.
Spike 39
This was made on my b-day
Raul Lower
willies country card needs to get revoked for talking like its a bad experience having to kill beavers!
David Cotton
With all them dogs running loose in the house, I wonder how much hair is in that food at the end of every episode. I bet there shit look like owl pellets. Hahahahaaa
Jonathan Lastname
18:15 that's the legendary
Jamila Brooks Powell
I love ms kay
Rosa Melcacho
Best show in TV before they stop showing it😔 pendejos.
LAURA is Saved by Grace
Love Duck Dynasty &
The Robertson Family
11:37 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Hagan
Tea is secret for moonshine
This shit is all scripted
I swere the guys girlfrends all look like sisters or cousens
mike gillihan
The Russian beaver thing is true
Seth Cauble
Si: He had a cow. I could've grilled him.
Seth Cauble
I love walkie-talkies.
Seth Cauble
It should sound like water. Not like an old man taking a bath.
Tumblelina Truth
How could anyone Not Love these guys Love them soooooooooo much thank you guys for making me smile 😊
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The Best of Uncle Si Duck Dynasty: Leave it to Beavers 1 day ago   03:34

The spectacular Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty in all his comedic glory.
I own nothing, however A&E do.

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