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Marcus Tuuhetoka
Brian:Anothny your so fat
Anothny:sips his soda*OH SO IM FAT HUH
Brian:you just got fatter duhhhhhh
Anothny:throws soda at Brian*
Anothny:bruh I been fat-_-
Spill Your blood Promotions
Wash yo car
Justin Minnite
She’s underinsured
I swear this dude will spill a drink on him and say oh my God I hurt myself and I can't play basketball but then goes and plays basketball anyway quit trying to show off bro you're not hard you crying wine over the littlest things LMAO
Amaury Garcia-Cumming
I say this with the utmost respect and am by no means trying to be rude, but Anthony should really start watching his weight and eating healthier. I've noticed that his face has started to look chubby. Obviously, I'm not there, so I can't say it's due to him eating a lot of junk food as fact, as it could be a medical condition as well. If it is that's he's just eating a lot junk food, though, I just wouldn't want him to get diabetes. (I don't remember if it's type I or II, but one of them can be caused from eating a lot of junk.) He's a great person and deserves to live for as long as possible!

Also, since when can you not roll down your windows after a car wash? I do it all the time. Is it only on certain types of vehicles?
Diya Gosal Diya Gosal
I’m a meatararin
edwin cruz
Brandon wrap your car !!!!😭😭
NoVa Replayz
That car looks totaled
Angel Alejo
im the 1 mil viewer
Michael Jakubiw
Where’s Denis been?
Video starts at 9:18
Neil Solanki
how does anthony know everyone lol
Sabrina R
Flexing hella lmfao
the1and0nly mrNoProblem
U exposed ur licences plate
Ãññã Thę Šmõł Põtãtõ
OoOoOo I love pho because I'm Vietnamese -_- and pho restaurants don't have fries because it's a Vietnamese place to eat -_-
Menu Prices: $8.95
Life of Harmony James
7:24 know one was talking to you Anthony
AntGaming .TV
It is called underinsured drivers. You have the option to add that to your insurance or not.
Pablo Martinez
Dis is how many ppl sing the outro

Jamillah Dawson
I’m a LeBron fan
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FAZE ADAPT THE TYPE OF... What really happened to the car FaZe 1 day ago   10:13

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