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English Singsing
Good morning+More Kids Dialogues | Learn English for Kids | Collection of Easy Dialogue

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01_Good morning. - How are you? : 00:05

02_Nice to meet you. - I'm great. : 00:45

03_What's this? - What's that? : 01:36

04_Who is he? - Who is she? : 02:48

05_Whose bike is this? - What a nice bike! : 04:02

06_Happy birthday! - This is for you. : 04:52

07_How old are you? - I'm five years old. : 06:20

08_I like soccer. - Let's go! : 07:13

09_Do you like cheese? - Do you like ham? : 08:20

10_Do you have crayon? - You're welcome. : 09:50

11_How many bears? - Three bears. : 10:53

12_How much is it? - I want it. : 12:08

13_It's snowing. - Do you like snow? : 13:21

14_What color is it? - It's red. : 14:35

15_It's green and white. - It's raining. : 15:21

16_What does she look like? - She has short curly hair. : 16:05

17_Watch out! - Are you okay? : 17:07

18_What’s wrong? - I have a toothache. : 17:53

19_What's your favorite subject? - My favorite subject is P.E. : 18:41

20_What a wonderful! - What a nice day! : 19:46

21_What a big tree! - Don’t touch that! : 20:47

22_Let's go camping. - Let’s go fishing. : 21:53

23_Wash your hands. - Let's eat pizza! : 23:04

24_Put on your coat. - It's cold and windy. : 24:16

25_Put on your pants. - Is this yours? : 23:44

26_May I take your order? - I'd like a pizza and spaghetti. : 23:32

27_Where is it? - Go straight. : 26:12

28_Where is the post office? - Go straight. : 27:02

29_Where is the restroom? - Go straight and turn left. : 27:48

30_Where is my cap? - Where is it? : 28:41

31_Where is my pencil? - It's on the chair. : 29:24

32_What time is it? - Time for breakfast. : 30:02

33_Time for lunch. - What time is it? : 30:59

34_What are you doing? - I'm jumping. : 31:46

35. What are you doing? - I'm making cookies. : 33:16

36_What's he doing? - He's dancing. : 34:23

37_What did you do? - We went to the park. : 35:11

38_How was your summer vacation? - It was great. : 36:25

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Yoshi Yoshi
Sadly, no one kids can be like this
Minh Anh Nguyễn
This video is very useful for my younger sister to learn English. Thank u
mohammed benammour
this video is very useful for beginners
Kids Hanna Toys
Sehr schön das ist gut video
Ein gute video für kinder
Максимилиан Петров
Тут русских больше,чем англоязычных))
Игорь Шаповалов
Половина просмотров наверное после ролика Игоря Войтенко набиралось.
Smart Baby
Wow!It's so cool
بسمة زهر
Лёха Красноперов
Кто от Игоря Войтенко?
Med-amine Sinna
kumar pal
Genezi Eva Rodrigues
Very good! I loved it!
oMéMa *
Yumnam Nita
Hi GUYS like my comments
cat cute
người việt nam
Oxi, só tem comentários de russos kk
Yuqi Wang
Russians learned English from a Chinese Channel. NICE
Юрій Серганюк
Хто від войтенка
Ádria Luisa
My date and I, loved this video. We are learning English together
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[Order] May I take your order? Good morning+More Kids Dialogues 2 days ago   01:45

May I take your order? - I'd like two cheese burgers. (Easy Dialogue) - English video for Kids - English Sing sing

Here is Great Educational Songs & Animations for kids, toddlers, children, babies and EVERYONE!
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--- Title: May I take your order? ---

Hi. May I take your order?
Yes. I'd like a hamburger, French fries and a Coke.
Anything else?
No, thank you. That's it.
OK. For here or to go?
For here, please.

Hi. May I take your order?
Yes. I'd like two cheese burgers.
Anything else?
Yes, two large Cokes, please.
OK. For here or to go?
To go, please.

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