Neat old Technics Turntable meets How a $100,000 Speaker gets made! 2 days ago   25:42

Testing new speakers with a built in phono preamp & taking a good look at a classic Technics SL6 turntable.

Linear Technics Turntables on ebay

***I returned the Auna speakers and got a refund***
Better Phono Speakers Review - Red Roth VA4 (other colours are available)

The Roth VA4 speakers are Available from
eBay UK - refurbished for around £92 (just under £100 off)

AMAZON in the UK

In the USA - KANTO sell speakers with the same features

The vinyl demo record was - Show Me by YrLad:

My suggested budget compact separates system
Yamaha A-S201 Amp:
Mordaunt Short M10 Speakers:
Add a Technics Turntable



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Le Harj
Excellent video as always, always plenty of information for therapy session.
It's a shame about the copyright music qualms, absolutely ridiculous.
Also, why do people complain about cassettes, it's anyones choice what they want to use.
After my multifunction car CD/bluetooth packed in, I took the choice to replace it with a 90's Pioneer cassette deck. It's a top end model of the era, with dolby b/c auto cassettee/skip plus a great looking display with spectrum analyser, the whole setup looks so cool.
Listening to my tapes, commercial and mixes, slows the process down so much allowing me to appreciate music a little more. Whereas before, I'd have a few thousand tracks on-tap, but sometimes felt overwhelmed what to listen too (too much choice).
Slip in a cassette and just listen, 6 tracks or so at the most. As the Pioneer P models had a aux option, I've connected up a 3.5mm adapter, so still gives me a choice to listen to my moderen collections on my phone. Perfect.
Paul Truswell
hahahaha - I'm at 6' 35" and have already concluded that these are really crap. :D :D
Nick Mansfield
Techmoan can you help me out with where to find a decent stylus for my Technics SL-DD33? I’m just having no luck finding a replacement!
Brian Bair
I have found that I get incredible sound with just my record player and computer speakers. I just run my RCA from my record player out to an aux adapter, which I then plug the computer speakers into. It's an old Logitech 2.1 system with an 8" woofer. The bass is dynamic, and the satellites are very small and crisp. Tons of volume! In fact, when I unplug my computer speakers from my laptop docking station, and plug in the record player, I have to turn the volume on the speakers down quite a bit (because of the gain from the record player). This is a relatively cheap way of getting great sound from just a "record player + speakers only" option.
Kevin Ball
How would it cope with Heaven 17's Penthouse to Pavement album we're going to live for a very long time track
i would take them for parts techmoan
sir sarius
All Auna product are rubbish!
It's just like skytec!
The Pa stuff they produce is the worse one I've ever seen!
Claims it has over 1000 Watt but actually has little over 50 Watt
Auna is kinda' hoax company. Repair tech's complain about their amplifiers that those amps are cr_p useless junks put together awfully with poor soldering, weak components and such. And as we se in this video, their speakers are also bad. Avoid Auna.
The Equaliser
Great review
Ryan Pearce
What are some more turntables with the same track select?
Kevin Beckenham
Thank you for another great documentary.My father as one of these Technics Tuntables, which he brought back in 1980, with a moving coil cartridge and a built in phono preamplifier ; he payed around £ 1k from Sevenoaks Hifi in Tunbridge wells. It only broken down once, and its still working.
45s guy
Yr Lad sound like The Rutles!
Anthony Challis
Thanks for another great video. If you are hanging on to those “finger nail” speakers you could try lining the inside of the boxes with 50mm thick foam, the sort that is used in flight cases, usually available at the local market. I tried this with poor quality plastic box speakers and it made a big improvement to the sound. No guarantees though.
Gavin Davies
I would recommend the Pioneer DM40 monitor speakers. Nice little set of active speakers with rca and 3.5mm jack input. No Bluetooth to cause issues (from what I saw most were complaining about the associated power-saving features). Built in power supply. separate speaker wire connectors. Lovely rich deep sound. Seem to be around £120. Not sure if they have a built in pre-amp, and my little turn table (lenco l-85) has one built in.
Slyfrie M
I kinda like the black part on the turntable
Morgue Original Music
Subscribed. Pornhub's got nothing on this.
G Henrickson
Very nice video and made for a very nice Sunday morning. I believe I will dust off my KLH model 20 and have some fun.
Gregory Kowalkowski
@Techmoan #Techmoan have You seen turntable plate mats that contain patterns that animate while turntable is spinning - similar to mechanical television - You could maybe do a vid about them cause they do look preety cool - here's a link to vid from MIXMAG :
Firsteerr Lastmwwew
back in the eighties my mate was technics mad but he went off them after he paid over a grand for a system (turn table cassette radio and CD player as well as amp and speakers plus a nice cabinet with a smokie glass doors ) and when we got it back to his after picking it up and unbowed it it turned out to have this silly telephone RJ45 plug system not phonos like my NAD and QED deck Cambridge CD (never bothered with a radio ) so i asked what happens if you want a better CD down the line ?? you can only buy a compatible Technics IF they still do that in the future he went mental and took it all back only for the sales manager to refuse to take it back (you didnt get any consumer protection back then ) saying he would "buy" it off him for £400 ..after the gun came out he got a full refund ...oh the days when we could legally own guns and the lack of CCTV meant you could threaten jumped up shop assistant with them "!"" ha ha ha
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How a $100,000 Speaker gets made! Neat old Technics Turntable meets 2 days ago   15:53

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