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Cool DIY Science Experiment for kids: How to make Fried Marble Jewelry! Today we show you how to make awesome giant oven baked marble jewels! DIY recipe for Fried Marbles. This cool diy science experiment is a fun and creative way to turn ordinary glass marbles into fantastic works of crystal art! You can get giant marbles like we did in our science experiment and get AMAZING results with this fried marble science experiment! This video teaches you how to bake marbles so that they crack into awesome pieces of marble jewelry! When the marbles are baked in the oven the heat creates energy, which causes pressure and then makes the marble expand. Then you drop them in cold water and the marbles lose their heat and contract rapidly, causing them to crack or fracture. Each one is a beautiful jeweled work of art and completely unique! =)

Do not attempt unless you have a SMART adult's permission and supervision!

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Lilly andrews
That are not baked
Lilly andrews
Ship some to me
Random stuff 2019
Is it ok to do it at 350
Matt So
Where did you get the marble
Fathima Km
سيد جمال
لا يعجبنى
500 degrees Fahrenheit?
Aññ Däfūq
Put the marble in the cold water and can play again
BunnyBeats 08
Is there any chance of getting glass shards in your fingers if you touch the marbles after they have cracked but haven't been broken apart into separate pieces?
Vicki Carnahan
Robyn Eerkes
very easy to understand!
Fatma Gürsel
Rovic Casanas
This is cool💎💎😉😍😊😎😎😎😀😱😵😎😍
Dabow's Playroom
Very interesting!!! :)
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DIY | JELLY FISH | Kid Fun Crafts DIY Experiment for Kids: Fried Marble 1 day ago   01:49

In this video tutorial I show you how to make DIY jellyfish in a bottle is a fun, quick and easy craft project to try. All the materials can be found around the house to make this simple toy. This Experiment can also be used as a fun kids science project!
With some trials and errors, my little jellyfish comes alive just like I thought it would be. : )
For this experiment you will need:
1. A transparent bag
2. A plastic water bottles.
3. Coloring
4. Scissors
• Cut off the handles
• Cut bottom into strips.
• Leave a little hole in order to pour some water in the head part
• Fill jellyfish with water
• Fill water bottle and add color
• Place jellyfish in bottle
•Don’t forget to make sure the cap is properly closed and tight before give it to children!
How to play: Just let the kids turn it upside down – they’ll be surprised to see it moves every time they turn the bottle. And they’ll try to confuse this little jellyfish by turning the bottle back and forth very fast – well : ) Fun Thing For Kids!!!!!
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