Brexit could be delayed if Theresa Has Parliament taken back control 2 days ago   05:25

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Speculation that the UK might try to delay its March 29th exit from the European Union sends the pound briefly soaring to its highest value since November. Plus; reactions to Andy Murray, who gave an emotional press conference in which he says he will soon retire from professional tennis because of hip pain.

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Comments 24 Comments

NO, actually it cannot be delayed.

Leaving in March is UK Law, and to change that would create a huge constitutional crisis as that would signify the people's democracy is no more, and the establishment have taken over.

And of course if the UK remained in the EU past March, under their treaty rights UK Citizens must be given the right to vote in the European Elections, because that is their treaty rights. If those rights were to be removed, that would violate the treaty, thus making it null and void as the integrity of the Treaty, ensures all EU Citizens have a right to vote in European Elections.

And if UK Citizens did vote, they would vote in large numbers for the populist candidates, which would send a nasty message to Brussels and the UK Government, one they would not wish to make public.
Pasquino Marforio
Someone needs to check the legal situation. Brexit Cannot Be Delayed. At this point, it is the only thing that has been voted into law. 29 March 2019. With or without a deal. That is set in stone.
Johnny Feve
Election before a referendum
Серж Шуляченко
I am talking about the dictator of Europe Merkel.
The strike in Germany on January 15 will cover six airports
Joseph Smith
Why don't France 24 do a documentary about how France killed millions and millions of Native people around the world and looted their wealth???
Symbolic Living
Shocking that even France 24 is not reporting on the explosion in Paris or the planned bank runs. This says it all!
cheryl taylor
Leave NOW..Get rid of the Tory Clowns
Everything Cool
Why are you talking about George Osborne if there's a paper to not believe that is the one
roger woodhouse
Of course they will ask to delay the Brexit.That will then give more time to organise another general election/referendum.Neither will change the final outcome.We will be leaving the EU .Democracy in Britain depends on it.
Dean Beck
Brexit designed to fail implemented bye remainers what do you expect r.i.p democracy if you fail the people that voted in a Democratic proses you all Need to resign .
Andrew Thomas
The electorate still leaves in March legally 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Tourniquet Now
Any news on the yellow vests standing up against marxist tyrants?
Miele Rodriguez
We are leaving the EU or else.
Terrence P. Urbanis
France should "FREXIT". I hear France is now a German puppet. After 1870, WWI and WWII, it is sad to see the French have not learned anything!
Gerald Miller
The UK should leave in March with or without a deal.
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Has Parliament taken back control Brexit could be delayed if Theresa 2 days ago   21:07

If Brexit is all about taking back control, MPs appear to have finally taken it to heart.


Tory rebels joined the opposition to defeat Theresa May for the second time in 24 hours after a key decision by the Speaker of the House.


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