The BEST of Tom Holland On The Graham Norton BEST OF 2018 on The Graham Norton 1 day ago   10:40

The Graham Norton Show
With Spiderman: Far From Home in cinemas, let's look back at some of Tom Hollan's finest moments on The Graham Norton Show.

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OwO Boi
Imagine tom Holland calling you pretty 😮
Stephanie Giselle
*you are playing with yourself*
2:10 who is that, wow
Dude he needs to play rafe in uncharted
Penboy as 'god'
Tom looks great in that 3-piece suit --- he could have worn just about any type/color of Tee or shirt and it would still look great. With that grey Tee, he looks sort of a young "007-type".
"Were you well behaved?"
*laughs* "no absolutely not"
I swear Tom and Graham are wearing the same suit on two different occasions - 8:10 and 8:20
typical mastache
pause at 0:57
there is your perfect picture😂❤️
Ella Grace
Mikyla Downer
tom hanks was in pain listening to jake and Tom
Mikyla Downer
i love his cheeks
just another girl in this world
At this rate Jake could spew blatant lies and I'd still believe him
Speedy9000 Speedy2000
I love that face Jake make when Tom mention they are bude XD
Wilhuff Tarkin
He spoiled Pepper Pots about the death of her husband. Disgusting
William Sander
Jake talking about the suit: There’s not a scene I don’t wear it in.

Me: Are you sure about that?
And the BEST of Tom Hanks.
bissan swedan
Spoiiiler 😂
Amlan Hossain
The face Jake makes when Tom says "on and off screen"
Cony Krsul
How dare you leave the Maddona moment out of this compilation?
Mina Tavera
Peter Parker said the F - word 😮😜
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BEST OF 2018 on The Graham Norton The BEST of Tom Holland On The Graham Norton 1 day ago   07:46

Sit back and enjoy some of our favourite moments from the past year on The Graham Norton Show!
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