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Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim towers over all other characters of the Winter War, and of Finnish history in general. This video is a brief introduction to one of the great leaders of the 20th Century (and according to a TV poll in 2004, the greatest Finn of all time). Full script is available as captions/subtitles, and the source I used for this video is -

Trotter, W. The Winter War: The Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40. Aurum Press Ltd, 2003.

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A great film which is well worth watching is called Tali-ihantala completed in 2006 and screened in Finland in 2007 . It is set in 1944 during the Continuation war and in my opinion is superb and also includes a scene where Finnish soldiers enjoy tinned Buffalo meat captured from the Russians - ( I saw your Lend -Lease video so thought I would mention the Buffalo meat )
Johan Holmberg
Some extra length could have been given to describing the historical background in years 1918, 1919 and 1939. In other words a description of the war situation at end of first world war, the political situation in society and about eastern Europe in general. In order to understand Mannerheim we first have to understand the times in which he was living.

The tragic events in Finland in year 1918 is a highly debated subject among Finnish historians and there are in Finnish four different names for the events 1) kapina (=mutiny that is rebellion against the legal goverment) 2) vapaussota (=liberation war, because through it Finland gained its independence) 3) sisällissota (= civil war, mostly used by leftist but has a truth to it as it was mostly Finns fighting Finns 4) kansalaissota (=war among the citizens, a very neutral name which does not offend anyone). This example shows that history is newer black and white and thus talk about the bloody baron are exaggerated. When analyzing Mannerhems role in Finland in year 1918 it is important to mention that he resigned from the post as the commander of Finnnish White Army at end of May 1918. Reason for Mannerheim resignation was disagreement on foreign policy and Mannerheim strongly objected to the German minded policies of the Finnish Senate. Latter events proved that Mannerheimm was right and in December the same year he was by the parliament appointed as the interrim regent of Finland. In this role as the last regent he approved the constitution drafted by the parliament and thus Finland did become a republic in 1919. This shows that Mannerheim was not a dictator who clings to power, instead he was a soldier who stepped aside after his task was done.

 A second and a most important subject which was missing from the video was the secret protocol to the Molotov-Ribbentrop nonagression pact of 23.8.1939. In this secret protocol the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany divided eastern Europe into two spheres of influcence and the basic idea was "you do whatever you wish with your part and I what I wish with my part". According to this secret protocol Finland, Estonia, Latvia and eastern part of Poland did belong to the Soviet sphere of influence while Lithuania and western part of Poland did belong to Nazi Germany. One month later 28.9.1939 adjustments was made to this speheres of influences agreement, Soviet did get Lithuania while Nazi Germay in compensation did receive a bigger chunk of Poland. This of course does explain why the Winter War did broke out 30.11.1939 after which Moscow did announce the formation of Terijoki goverment. This Terijoki goverment or officially Finnish Peoples Democratic Republic was a short-lived puppet government created and recognised only by the Soviet Union. It was headed by Finnish-born communist and director of Comintern Mr Otto Wille Kuusinen and in reality Terijoki goverment was just a tool for Joseph Stalin in order to to conquer Finland.
Roberts Markovs
So , he was part of military force that killed some komunist scum ?
in my eyes that alone deserves a medal for him !
But i havent really heard before KGEM be called Bloody Baron . Only in some soviet "history" books , but if you take that shit seriusly , you are totaly brain dead .
Sean Price
i dont blame him for not mastering Suomi.
its the most confusing language in the world.
Sean Price

Thats some powerful shit right there. Mannerheim was a serious bad ass lol.
Sean Price
god damn this makes me proud.
very finnish name
Toni Kemppainen
Finland: Do not help allies in a war!
Mannerheim didnt earn the name of "bloody baron" in the finnish civil war. He opposed cruelty and bad treatment of red prisoners as it would soil the white cause. After the capturing of Varkaus, the white local leader (named Löfström) ordered a decimation of imprisoned reds and russians without authorisation. This greatly angered Mannerheim and his second man, Ignatius, prompting him to order an investigation. He was called a slaughterer by the reds who lost the war and needed myths of tyrannical enemies.
Alexandros Mograine
I'd say mannerheim is probably the greatest person in Finnish history, because without him our history could be very different.
#FIXIT Suomi Pois EUsta
As a Fin I never knew about his journey in Asia. Thank you for the video
Marko Petre
Super Scion
An excellent release of information regarding another great military commander. I would say that the far northern campaigns regarding Finland versus the Soviet Union is the most little-understood area of the greatest global conflict of our continuing story of the human experience. An amazing tenacity and capability of the soldiers of Finland and tactical fortitude to hold off the total loss of sovereignty of this courageous nation against a giant that would annihilate the Wehrmacht and occupy for decades most all of Eastern Europe and most of what was Nazi Germany.
some boby
Does the dude who wrote the book sell knicked watches and drive a three-wheeled van?
I'm Romanian, and I consider Mannerheim a hero for me. He deserves all respect, as someone who has succesfully defended his country against the Russians. Our leader in 1941 was overwhelmed by anger and hatred for the Russians, for occupying Bessarabia, a part of Romania, and not giving back our thesaurus. He joined Operation Barbarossa, and seeing his country lose pride and being divided so many times over the past, he could not stand it anymore, and unleashed his fury over the Reds.

Mannerheim knew how to resist. Finland is not whole, but they haven't been a Soviet sattelite as we have.
K Green
Red terror... please don't forget the RED TERROR. That was how it started. Murdering teachers, doctors, policemen and so forth. Red terror.
Doby Pilgrim
Mannerheim and Hayha. Two very different from the, and both my personal favorite Finns!
Hitler was a Muslim
Its too bad he returned his sabre to his scabbard.
Михаил Егоров
What about changing sides in ww2, siege Leningrad and making peoples starve to death, it's all mannerheim aswell
He was good
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Rommel’s "Dash to the Wire" | Operation MANNERHEIM | History and his Line 1 day ago   41:10

Erwin Rommel is known for his cunning tactics on the battlefield. He has a reputation of being a great general. But great generals make mistakes. In Operation Crusader 1941, Rommel makes a big mistake. This is the story of his Dash to the Wire.

00:00 Intro
00:36 Part 1 “The Die is Cast”
Starts with the British command crisis
01:21 Cunningham asks Auchinleck what to do
04:22 Auchinleck orders Cunningham to continue
06:04 Rommel assesses the situation
07:31 Rommel senses Cunningham’s wavering
08:13 Rommel’s plan
09:03 Part 2 “Across the Rubicon”
Rommel and Crüwell meet
10:32 Rommel ignores Crüwell’s advice
12:54 Rommel’s Dash to the Wire begins
13:20 Pienaar’s Legendary Defiance Begins
14:00 Confidence in the British Command
16:03 Cunningham jumps in a plane
17:22 The Ariete Division vs Pienaar
17:53 Missed opportunities
19:50 Cunningham is on the verge of panic
21:00 Part 3 “I come to bury Caesar
Starting with ‘60 miles’
21:26 Situation that afternoon
22:32 Crüwell is critical of Rommel’s Dash
23:37 German Losses from Totensonntag Revealed
25:57 Rommel is an immature commander
27:33 Counterargument to that
28:47 Cunningham overreacts
29:49 13th Corps’ positions
30:36 Reid’s force in the south
31:02 30 Corps repairs itself and rests
32:15 Auchinleck’s Influence on Crusader
33:23 Rommel leaves the battlefield…
36:04 Rommel’s new orders
37:27 Auchinleck’s BIG DECISION
40:04 Outro and Patreons!

This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.

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