First ever image of a Black I Put a 1mm Size Black Hole Next 1 day ago   11:56

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The international scientific team of the Event Horizon Project have unveiled the first-ever real image of a Black Hole, advancing the understanding of one of the most mysterious objects in the universe. It is the result of years of work and considered a milestone in astrophysics.

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It's image is fake becouse Black holes are flat!
Asensio Rodriguez
It looks similar to the computer images we have seen over the years.
Nilo River
For me seems like a single Chakra of a larger body.
Q Tuttle
Sure looks exactly like a magnetic vortices. I wonder why. Hmmmmmm. Maybe it's a magnetic vortices.
selvam maniamawasi
It's a monster with 6.5 billion mass of the Sun God.
Mohanraj Jk
The CGI is amazing. Awesome work! Truly makes the world go round.
ابو عبدالمنعم الدبيشي
Islam: In the Quran its mentioned about 1400 years ago as a "Hidden Sweeping Star"
Junhong Tan
Can we throw the rubbish to black hole ?😂😂
Salvatore Zollhaus
This looks just like when I stalk my neighbor and she bathes with candlelight behind milk glass.
Science hm?
A Religion!
Aniq Sabhiha
Impressive progress of science
Lloyd Gittens
Looks like a cervix
Ahmed rony
I saw propet Mohammed and jesus inside the black hole from Bangladesh. Lol
allen elswick
A black hole is invisible but some one came up with superman's X-ray vision to see it rofl..
Juilie Thakur
Astronomers and Astrophysicists who have studied black holes are certainly NOT surprised by the photographic proof, right? We can just rejoice and celebrate, screaming "Yay! We're finally moving on, now that it is, practically, non-debatable..."
As long as this just inspires the youth to take it forward...
Applause to the international teamwork.
marin khan
This is a picture of doughnut from a local grocery shop
Erich Kaltenbrunner
It is not only the rotation of earth around its axis that enlarges the aperture size, it is also the rotation around the sun that makes a contribution. Finally you can get what you want if you cheat a bit as well.
I convey my heart felt congratulations to the the team of scientists of NSAS. But it may not be a black hole it may be called as black radical or black sprout.
monsieur fortuna
Gas around the black hole? What has Oprah to do with it? oh ok
Peter Q
Look HARD and you will find Hitchens and Hawkins in it
Paul best
just think if you could like,,,walk around the edge of the super heated gas ring, and ,,,like just walk around cking it out..really Cool, might be a bit noise-y. I;'d just hate to take one false step and get sucked in,,,wow, that force would reduce me to atoms. ,,wow the Power of God. And to think a Being that made the black hole is now in Holy Judgements with this spec called earth. WOW, I mean the power of the BH is less than Gods total power,,has to be, If God made it, that power can not be superior to Gods Power. But who can comprehend this BH power??? And yet this BH exists within, Gods total power. man God really has a lot of power, don't you think so?
New Orleans
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I Put a 1mm Size Black Hole Next First ever image of a Black 1 day ago   11:49

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