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Zack Hample
The person who accused me wasn't just some random fan. It was the Pirates' bullpen catcher! See for yourself -- this was total B.S. And just so you know, I've attended more than 1,600 Major League Baseball games over the past 30 years and *never* knocked anyone down. That's not what I do or who I am. I'll admit that I reached in front of people for some toss-ups many years ago, but I learned from my mistakes. Now I try to be generous, and I've always been extremely careful not to bump into anyone, so this kind of nonsense is super lame. There've been lots of false accusations over the years, but there's zero proof. So many lies. So many haters. So much sloppy journalism. Good thing I now have a videographer with me at most of my games so I can reject these bogus claims.

Aside from the drama during batting practice, this was a fascinating day for several reasons. First of all, stadium security finally cracked down on fans using ball-retrieving devices. Secondly, I headed up to the upper deck to take in the best view in MLB, and third, a Pirates player suffered a devastating/career-threatening injury.

Shout-out to my friend and fellow ballhawk Erik Jabs (aka "Jabs Family" on YouTube) for helping me get into the LF seats early with the season ticket holders and for being generous over the years in many ways. Check out his channel if you get a chance:


This video was filmed by Ian Perlman (@ianperlman) on April 22, 2019 and edited by Chris Bruning (@iChrisbtv) and Bill Bruning (@billbruning). Show Chris’s some love on his own YouTube channel:


Thanks so much for watching -- much love and stay tuned for MANY videos coming up this week. I've fallen far behind, but I'm going to try to post one video per day. Yow!!

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Matthew Spencer
Dude, thanks for saying that about PNC Park and Pittsburgh itself. Hearing someone gush like that over the city you grew up in, really put a smile on my face. I know it was small, but it really nice to hear from someone who probably sees so many beautiful cities like yourself!

Oh, and P.S. that bullpen catcher definitely doesn't represent us or the Pirates. You're awesome!

P.P.S. And I do hope they loosen back up on devices. It's stupid how one idiot can ruin things for everyone!
Jay Gillette
0:1:30 AC/DC's Bag Pipes from "It's a Long Way..." blasting through the stadium speakers.🤘
BK Highlights
You actually have to be a good player to be against ball hawking if your a scrub litterly no one will like you if your a nobody and don’t give balls to kids
Morgan Ellis
Zack are you going to the cubs vs pirates game on july 1st
Dara O connor
I love you video s and
Crxsby the Best
They spend more money on their park than their players Lmfao
the Strat
Jordan is a nobody he should be happy there are fans.
Abram & Rhett Marshall
That dude sucks
Coming to NYC next month from the UK and seeing my first MLB Game Very excited! Mets v Phili 😬👍🏻
Firefighter Lastman
Zack I live there but I have not been up there
M0nty5 5
I have a Pablo Reyes walkoff home run ball from the minors
Trampled trampled
Mason Symons
I am a catcher and I am not that rude
You may not trample him but you're running around like a kid. Taking balls from actual kids
1:50 did anyone else see that guy in the back waving like if you did
Hey, Zack I have been watching you for a while and you've been making me want to go to more games and I'm going to a pirates game soon
GAMING power
Thanks I live in Pittsburgh
David Gonzales
Ur shirt is that the spegetii monster from futurama? I'm a huge fan of futurama
Gamer PX
You stole that ball from the kid
david sanchez-cortes
Jordan is a pussy
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LLWS 2018 TOP PLAYS ᴴᴰ FALSELY ACCUSED of trampling a kid at PNC Park 1 day ago   06:18

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