How to Make Paper Sword - Easy EASY To Make WOLVERINE'S Adamantium 2 days ago   05:29

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Sdik Rof - creativity
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How to Make Scorpion Robot
MakoBliss Games
You don’t have to time lapse it
Peter Knight
Does it flap around?
Nayan Wakikar
Why you guyz are fast forwarding your video can't you go fast
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Mainay deikh lee wah wah jaisay mainay bananee hay pagal hoon main aik number ka
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so fast I mean super fast
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You should talk
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Good job
Corbin Gordon
Hood job
Corbin Gordon
can i have one. btw im a kid my address is washington street with red porch
Super, super, super, you are welcome on my channel
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too fast😠
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How many papers do I have?
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EASY To Make WOLVERINE'S Adamantium How to Make Paper Sword - Easy 2 days ago   02:38

Here is an Easy instructional video on How to make Wolverine claws

Etsy Shop:

Can't wait for Logan in 2017

blade template

You will need
2 A4 or 1 A3 piece of 2-3 mm thick cardboard (about the thickness of an ice cream stick.)
A cutting blade
A pair of scissors
A Glue gun
Duct or cloth tape
An Ice cream stick
Silver or chrome spray paint
White or light acrylic paint (if your cardboard is not shinny)
A paint brush

These are for costume use only I wouldn't make a pair out of wood or steel with this design as you would severely damage your hands.


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#logan #wolverine #x-men

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